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How Sweet It Is…

For those who remember, it was Jackie Gleason who said How Sweet it is. Blanche, how sweet it is. You will recall that AOC- Alexandra Ocasio Cortez was licking her chops with delight at being one of those responsible for Amazon taking 25,000 well-paying jobs and thousands of people who would support Queens and said they were not wanted. Ostensibly Amazon walked away, looking for another place to park their money.

Well Blanche, in what can only be called a stinging slap in the face, Amazon is moving into Manhattan, to a complex called Manhattan West Towers.  Yup. He who laughs last laughs best.

We looked up the place and found this: With over 6 million square feet of office space across four flagship buildings, Manhattan West offers flexibility and space for businesses looking for a new home.

Yes, dearies, AOC are her ‘friends’, amongst them Bill di Blasio, now look like the selfish, egotistical narcissists they are. Good for Amazon.

Someone who obviously had trouble finding all his marbles was throwing particularly nasty slurs at muslims entering a mosque while demanding to see their passports. Premier Legault said this has absolutely nothing to do with Bill 21 which forbids hijabs and kippas to be worn by government officials, teachers etc.

Legault is dead wrong. All the lowlifes and people with any kind of mental illness are going to start coming out of the woodwork once this bill becomes law. “Hey, if da government can do dis, den so can I la. Who wants anyone here la, dat wants to be religious la.” La belle province.

If you are traveling this summer, here’s a serious heads up.

This summer people will be flying more than ever. In fact, the prediction is that 2.8 million people will fly each day and they will be faced with two colliding issues: the possible reassignment of hundreds of aviation security personnel to the Mexican border, and the continued worldwide grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max.

The Department of Homeland Security is mulling over plans to transfer dozens of air marshals and as many as 400 airport screeners from the Transportation Security Administration to assist with ongoing border operations in the southern U.S. Where is that wall when you need it? Ya should have listened to Trump. But we digress.

The second issue is that the Boeing Max 737 is still grounded and three major airlines are going to cancel hundreds of flights due that. For example, United airlines is grounding over 2400 flights in June and July.

Here’s a tip from Blanche: Be prepared. Bring your own food, extra terlit paper (no joke), a small inflatable pillow, three good books, a pill to calm yourself and endless patience.

It appears that Sue Montgomery, mayor of a borough in Montreal, looked into the wrong crystal ball when predicting a ‘scorching’ summer. It’s going to be cooler, not hotter. Wait. Another crystal ball prediction? No. Here’s our weather forecast for the summer: It’s going to be warmer than winter, no snow, quite a bit of sunshine, no slush and longer days.

What we want to know and what we have been asking for a long time: The weather cannot be predicted from one day to the next. Oops. The wind blew the other way, no rain. How, pray tell, can anyone predict the weather in a month, let alone a year or like AOC, twelve years?

Our prediction: they are guessing, as is Montgomery who must be jumping for joy that Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante announced another 26 km of bike lanes over the next two years as part of its plan to make bicycling safer. Seriously?

We will say this again: One can safely bike in Montreal from April thru October. From November thru April – that’s six months if you’re counting – Montreal is cold, wet, slushy, slippery and icy. Except for the diehard cyclists, who exactly is using all these bike lanes?

Understand that parking spaces will disappear with said bike lanes as will people’s desire to shop on the streets where these bike lanes will be constructed. The save-the-planet-save-the-whales-save-the-trees green, fear-of-climate-change people live with blinders and could care less about people who pay astronomical taxes for brick and mortar stores, with less and less parking.

If you don’t want these people to run your city, then in the next election go out and vote for anyone but people like Montgomery and Plante.

It appears that Joe Biden aka Sleepy Joe or the newest, Low IQ Joe, is MIA. In case you don’t know what that means, it’s missing in action.

Since announcing his candidacy, Biden has kept a very ‘light’ schedule. So light in fact, that he has all but disappeared.

You would think that he would want to be seen. Alas, throughout the three-day Memorial Day weekend, Biden didn’t make a single appearance. He didn’t join in the festivities by marching in a Memorial Day parade, he didn’t meet with troops, he didn’t visit a military cemetery or stop by the war memorials in Washington, D.C. What did he do? He sent out a tweet.

Our guess is that he’s older and tired and saving his energy for the heavy campaign. Looks like Sleepy Joe is in fact, sleepy. Perhaps the moniker Trump gave Jeb Bush fits better here – Low Energy Joe.

Jody Wilson Raybould (JWR) and Jane Philpott have surfaced and will run as independents in the October election.

While their monetary situation would have been better had they joined a party, right now they made the right move. They are not beholden to anyone.

Gone are the days when entitled politicians took it for granted that they would get elected. Case in point is the Mount Royal riding.

Irwin Cotler could have slept through his campaign and he would have won. Not so this time. Anthony Housefather will have a strong, decisive, energetic opponent. The most important thing is that David Tordjman has a backbone and will not bow and kiss the feet of anyone. Unlike Housefather who, when Trudeau asks him to jump he says how high. Feh.

Another genius running for president, Bill di Blasio, is polling at, ready Blanche, 0.5% with another poll showing him with just 8% seeing him favorably and 45% saying they had an unfavorable view of him. We heard that he’s running to cash in before he leaves as mayor of New York. He’s collecting from people who want permits and favours before he exits. That sounds much more plausible as people living in New York view him as one of the worst mayors they ever had. No shortage of lowlifes, eh?

We’ll talk…

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