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How Sweet It Is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did the Liberals win, but it was a landslide. And if that wasn’t enough, the beady eyed princess pauline is finally gone. She lost the election and lost her seat. Just to put this election into some kind of perspective, this is the worst popular vote the PQ has had since 1970.

A few key moments stand out:

We must thank that loser Abitbol for outing the PQ on what would happen if someone got caught wearing a hijab. It was Abitbol who said they would be fired within the year. May we suggest that this Passover she take herself out of exile – the PQ – and join the ranks of those who sincerely want to just live together in peace. Somewhere her wires got very crossed.

Then there was Legault from the CAQ who also lost big time tonight. He was so sure of himself after that last debate, when he sounded more evil than Marois, that he said he had already formed his transition government. He is an outright racist and anyone who ran with him should be hanging their heads in shame.

His speech tonight sounded like he was staying around for a while, but he’s going to be sitting in the National Assembly looking like exactly what he is – a total loser.

Racism and stepping on other people’s basic human rights is something that goes on in Cuba, Saudi Arabia and other countries of that ilk. We strongly suggest that those who supported the charter all be put on a charter plane (pardon the pun) to one of those lovely countries for, oh let’s say a year. Let them live what they wanted everyone else to do. They are all despicable people who got what they deserved.

We have much to be thankful for tonight. We live in a democracy where the people made the right decisions, despite what the so-called leaders tried to do. All we want is to live together in peace, make a living for our families, put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Now we will be able to actually do this without fear-mongering delusional ‘politicians’ trying to drive wedges between us.

And sorry for the late report. Just when you need something it doesn’t work. Perhaps the princess got hold of my wordpress and didn’t want me to send anything till she left. Who knows.

We’ll talk…

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