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We were going to wait until Wednesday to send out a post but... The news cycle changes hourly, the 'protest' rhetoric is getting worse and the so-called 'leaders' in the free world continue to lose both their minds and brains.


First and foremost, have you heard one word about the hostages hamas are holding in all of those protests? Nothing. It's as though they don't exist. Here's a reality check: They do exist and are being held against their will. By hamas the terrorist organization they are supporting.


All those campus protesters are going have to find another venue for their tents and shrieking banshees as the semester is ending. Blanche, what do you think is going to happen then? Do you think for a second they are going to lose their momentum?

Those tents and protestors are going to take to the streets as they did during the blm protests. San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and all the 'sanctuary cities' decided at that time that it was better to destroy their economy than hurt the feelings of the snowflakes in those tents.

There is no way that this tidal wave of anti-Semitism is ending with the semester. It will morph into civil disobedience, forcing leaders to either take a stand or risk winding up like Seattle or Portland where their downtown cores became wastelands - literally.

The Republican National convention, where they anoint their presidential candidate, most likely Trump, is being held in Milwaukee from July 15 - 18. What a perfect venue to stage the mother-of-all four day riots.

Whoever is behind all the protests - most likely George Soros who will enjoy a special place in hell - is just getting revved up.

And the likes of Justin Trudeau who is firmly behind what is happening as per his empty, hollow words and zero action, is giving them the green light to do as they please. They serve as useful idiots to Soros.

If Justin thought the truck convoy was an irritant to his four cubits, just wait until the 'protesters' take over Ottawa this summer. These young people are not the pacifists that the truckers were. They are younger, quicker and more vicious than some dude sitting in his semi-trailer eating a donut.

Same with Olivia Chow in Toronto and Madame Plante in Montreal. They are coyly saying what they think people want to hear but in reality are allowing the so called protesters to do as they please, using the foolish - it's on private property bs excuse.

Here's a headline: The Jews have a very long history of being persecuted. Over 3,000 years long. And guess what? All those who tried to annihilate them are long gone, relegated to pages in history books.

Who is still standing? The Jewish people.

So while right now things look grim and bleak, the Jewish people will not cower, will not run, will not hide.

We will stand up to the cowards who won't show their faces.

We will stand up to politicians who have no backbone and hide behind their ivory tower, thinking that if they allow the protesters their five minutes of fame they will disappear.

And we will reiterate once again: First they come for the Jews. Then they come for everyone else.

Melissa Lantsman has it right on:

We stand with the Palestine resistance and their heroic and brave actions on Oct 7” “long live Oct 7”, “Hamas, PIJ, PFLP and Hezbollah are not terrorist orgs, they are our heroes”. You can be sure this is not about peace.

These people are glorifying known terrorist organizations in our country, in our cities and Justin Trudeau sees nothing wrong with it. Otherwise he would have acted long ago.

Then there's Anthony Housefather who continues to parrot the same empty words as Justin:

I call on the @mcgillu administration to act. Final exams are coming up and all students need to feel safe on campus.

Seriously? Who exactly is listening to ridiculous empty words? Certainly not Madame Plante. Students need to be safe on campus? Duh.

We will end with this: Read this piece and then go write to your member of parliament and ask them why no level of government will stand up to those who would rather live under sharia law than in a democracy.

As of today, the palestinian flag was raised at Harvard University in place of the American flag.

This will happen everywhere unless leaders actually take their position seriously and act.

We'll talk (on Thursday)

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