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The big headline in today’s National Post was that people in Canada are gloomy. We listened to different talk shows today in Montreal and zut alors – nobody could figure out why people are gloomy. After all, they said, we’re getting vaccinated. Seriously? Have these people eaten one brownie to many? People are gloomy because they see what’s going on all over the world, except of course India, and they can’t believe what they are seeing.

Our friend was in New York yesterday and she called us using Facetime to show she was actually sitting inside a restaurant, without a mask and getting served. Then there’s Israel who listed the countries allowed to begin bringing tours at the end of May. Canada is not on that list.

There are full baseball stadiums in the US and Italy, which was a horror-show last year, has reopened the Tower of Pisa.

Then there’s the issue of the second vaccine which finally Pfizer is speaking out about. Justin decided that despite what the medical producer of this vaccine said – that we need the second dose within one month, he chose, 100% for political reasons, that we are not getting the second vaccine for 4 months. That is if we even have the vaccines by then.

He also decided that if we got one type of vaccine, for the second we can get another one. Nobody has decided that yet except for Justin. Are we supposed to stay in our collective coma and just become part of Justin’s little experiment because he can’t get enough of every kind of vaccine?

We are hearing from more and more people getting emails that their appointments have been bumped yet another month.

For the first time today, Papa Legault said that maybe, just maybe restaurants can open their terraces soon.

After all this one can see why people are feeling gloomy. They are fed up with watching the rest of the world open up while we sit here  in a country run by mickey-mouse politicians.

Facebook continues to ban Donald Trump. Technically speaking, Facebook is a private company and as such, is free to decide whatever they want about whoever they want. Given that, they are not overly fond of Trump – clearly an understatement. They hate his guts. So if it were a business decision to keep him off Facebook we could deal with that. But it’s not a business decision.

They decided that he’s a danger to the population. So what about Holocaust deniers? Such people for the most part are part of the white supremacy movement or at the very least, ascribe to it. They are not dangerous?

What about Colin Kaepernick who kept telling people to ‘take a knee’ in defiance of the police. Facebook is the place to promote this?

Sorry peeps, you can’t have it both ways and it’s very clear that banning Donald Trump has nothing to do with business.

After 12 years as Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu is out. He was unable to form a government in the time he was given by President Rivlin. Yair Lapid has been given 28 days to form a government. Lapid can likely count on the support of centrist and left-wing lawmakers as well as two right-wing parties firmly committed to removing Netanyahu.

He needs 61 seats to form a party and in Israel, that’s a difficult thing to attain. It appears that his best shot is offering Naftali Bennett, head of the religious nationalist Yamina party first turn at a rotating prime ministership as part of coalition deal.

At this point we are guessing that to Israeli’s anything is better than a 5th election in two years.

If you are a liberal staffer you got an email inviting you to a few yoga sessions with none other than Justin’s wife Sophie. Can we talk?

What the heck is that all about? We don’t want to sound trite, but this really sounds like a Mr. Rogers moment. We think that even better than yoga would be a kumbaya moment where everyone virtually holds hands and together sings It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood with Mr. Rogers. That should take the stress off. Come on.

Anybody remember Elizabeth Warren? She ran for President and lost. She also has a very difficult time with the truth or, as some people say, likes to rewrite history, particularly her own.

In a recent interview she claimed that when she was young, she was fired for being pregnant and then, in her book, talked about what it was like not being able to get childcare. Don’t start a tagday for her. It’s not true.

What really happened  is the following, recorded in a 2007 interview:  “I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, “I don’t think this is going to work out for me.” I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years, and I was really casting about, thinking, “What am I going to do?” My husband’s view of it was, “Stay home. We have children, we’ll have more children, you’ll love this.”

Why can’t she tell the truth? Clearly she doesn’t remember what she said in 2007 but in half a second it can be found on the internet. Something’s off with her.

In November, New Yorkers will be getting a new mayor. The front runner is Andrew Yang, of Asian decent, who you may recall ran for President (he wanted to give everyone $1000) and lost.

Running in second place is Eric Adams, an African-American currently the President of the borough of Brooklyn. The rest of the peeps are 2 white men, 1 white woman and 4 African Americans. The richest guy is Scott Stringer who has about $8 million in his warchest. Unfortunately his candidacy is not looking good, despite all that money. Could be he’s not quite of the right ethnicity, shall we delicately say. You know Blanche – the woke culture.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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