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It’s Always Good To Think Before You Speak.

Can you say Premier Legault? Try it. It’s coming on October 1.

Yesterday, Premier Couillard cut loose – literally – someone who has been with the Liberal party since 1994. His name is Francois Ouimet. He replaced him with a former hockey player, who seems like a nice enough guy, but, through no fault of his own, was thrust into a a storm of controversy.

A few weeks ago, Couillard promised Ouimet that he would sign his campaign papers so he could run for his riding. They shook hands on it. A gentleman’s agreement. Yesterday Couillard announced he was putting said hockey player in the place of Ouimet and the latter was out. Poof! just like that.

Can you smell desperation? Couillard and his people certainly do. It appears, at this late date, they have finally taken a good long look at the polls and realize that unless they reinvent the wheel, they are out. Here’s a headline number one: putting in a hockey player in place of a seasoned, decent politician who the riding happened to like, looks and smells like desperation. Which it is. Pure, unadulterated desperation. The visual, which even a cornflake can see, is bad.

Mr. Couillard, you missed the boat months ago when you decided to hold onto your despised pit bull, health minister Barrette. It’s basically all over except for the voting. Let’s just hope the Liberals do not get completely wiped off the map. We still need some opposition.

Here’s a good one. Or a bad one depending on how you look at it and if you can profit from it: We don’t usually quote reporters, but in this case, as the information is, very interesting, we are quoting from the article. It was given to a reporter from the New York Post.

A whistleblower made this shocking allegation to me last week: the IRS was tipping off members of Congress to corporate takeovers so the elected officials could profit from insider trading. My snitch also charged that higher-level employees of the IRS also used that information to enrich themselves.

Got that? If us little peeps don’t pay the taxman when we owe money, they come after us with guns blazing. But it’s ok for them to use their positions to make small fortunes? The article got better:

“These individuals had planned and budgeted for these events to fund their lifestyle. That type of income generator just does not end.” This guy was fired in 2004 but he’s pretty sure the insider trading is still going on. And Blanche, if it’s happening with the IRS you can bet your bippy it’s happening with Canada revenue. It’s just too good a thing to pass up.

According to those who take care of soon-to-be-gone Champlain Bridge, it’s fine and safe. Now doesn’t that make you feel better? No. Seriously?

Currently, 31 of the 39 pier caps have been reinforced, the other eight will be completed by the end of September. The bridge is also equipped with 335 sensors that continuously monitor the bridge. If anything pops up out of the ordinary, crews can get to work on it right away. Blanche, you better hope he’s telling the truth.

Along with everything else he has to deal with, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer now has to deal with someone who, very obviously and publicly, is challenging his leadership.

While Maxime Bernier may be smoother, better-looking and have great hair, his actions are really disgusting. He’s sending out tweets seemingly forgetting that there is a party leader who is the one who should (and does) send out said tweets.

Bernier lost the leadership vote, ergo he’s not the leader. If he wants to be the leader, then he should wait until the next election, see who wins and make his move then. Politics is not for sissies.

In another desperate-to-win-category, Bud Light is putting fridges full of free beer around Cleveland. The catch: they’ll only open if the Cleveland Browns win one game this season. Yup. Just one game. The problem: the team literally lost every single game last season. No pressure.

Could be this is a good time to travel to the US. Following the G7 summit, there was a 21% decrease in Canadian interest traveling to the United States, an 11% drop from France and another 11% drop from Italy.

What about the trade and tariff issues? Not many people realize that inbound travel to the U.S. is a foreign export, and travel interest to the U.S. from China also dropped 8%.

If you have a favorite place – other than New York city where most likely all the other tourists are going, you may find yourself with a great rate.

Andrew Cuomo, the governor of one of the most populated and popular New York state, said something yesterday that he immediately had to walk back.

Speaking at a a signing ceremony for an anti-sex trafficking bill, he said that America was never truly great to begin with. Of course he’s trying to undo Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan. He failed miserably and in doing so made himself look like a fool. MAGA is a great slogan, catchy and frankly, true. Make America Great Again. Not America was never great. Glass half full, glass half empty.

Cuomo is certainly not one to say anything about America ever not being great. His father, Mario Cuomo, an Italian American, was governor of NY for years. Cuomo junior needs either a good filter or someone beside him whispering in his ear to think before he speaks.

A young American couple, one who was vegan, the other vegetarian, took a year-long bike trip around the world, believing that evil was a make-believe concept. Sadly, they found out otherwise when they took a fatal route in Tajikistan near the Afghan border, where alleged ISIS terrorists stabbed them to death. Tree-hugging can be very dangerous. No joke.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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