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It’s Better in the Bahamas…

Imagine you get a bad cold and the world starts to write about who will be replacing you after you die? Seriously.

Queen Elizabeth, who is 90 years old, got some kind of nasty business over the holidays. This would have gone totally unnoticed at any other time of the year but because she didn’t show up for different events over the holidays, the gossip columns are frothing at the mouth.

Here’s the scoop: longevity runs in the royal family. The queen mother lived to one hundred and one. Ya think a cold is going to do Elizabeth in at ninety?

Megyn Kelly, the Fox news journalist who went head-to-head with Trump during the debates, has moved to NBC. She will be one of, if not the best paid commentator anywhere.

One of the things she wanted and got was more time with her children. Her new schedule will allow her to see her kids off to school and have dinner with them. Kudos to her for putting her priorities in order together with a gzillion dollar job.

Can people please get a life? Who cares if the Trudeau took his family to the Bahamas for New Year’s? Seriously. He’s allowed to go on vacation and doesn’t have to stay home to watch ten minutes of lame fireworks on New Year’s eve in Ottawa.

Lest you are grasping your chair thinking that Blanche is turning into a liberal, democrat, tree-hugging, save-the-whale kinda gal, fear not. But when the right-wing nutballs get going on nothing but hot air we have to take some kind of stand.

Did you hear about the baggage handler who was locked inside an airplane’s cargo area during a 1.5-hour flight from North Carolina to Northern Virginia on Sunday? The smell must have been very special.

Why didn’t he knock to alert people he was about to take off sans seat belt or seat for that matter? Blanche, ya think he fell asleep in there? It’s the most likely scenario. One minute. No bathroom either. Feh.

In a show of we’re not poor losers (right), Bill and Hillary Clinton will be attending Trump’s inauguration ceremony as will ‘W’ (that’s what they call George) and Barbara Bush. Another attendee who for our money could stay home is the peanut farmer Jimmy Carter, a virulent anti-semite. Netanyahu was also invited but we haven’t heard if he’s attending.

Blanche imagine if Obama put beside Netanyahu each other? We wouldn’t put it past Trump to arrange things like that just to, shall we say, disturb the poop. Dat’s dizguzting.

Obama is a lame duck president and Trump, without having yet taken the oath of office, is calling the shots. No matter how ‘presidential’ Obama tries to look he’s a toasted marshmallow.

Today, Ford announced it was cancelling plans for a new US$1.6-billion plant in Mexico and will, instead, invest $700 million in an expansion of its facility in Flat Rock, Mich.

Last night, the Republican caucus voted to scrap the independent Office of Congressional Ethics. The office, which was created in 2008, would have basically lost its independent investigative power. There was an outcry.

This morning, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that congressional Republicans shouldn’t be focusing on this right now. And Tuesday afternoon, Republicans decided in an emergency conference meeting to renege on their proposal to get rid of the office. Next.

So who’s going to Canada’s national parks for free this summer in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday? Blanche is not. Between lime disease, bugs and bears, we’re happy to open a book and look at the pictures of our beautiful parks. Ya gotta love those nature lovers eh? Blanche, ya think they bring macaroni and cheese in a picnic basket?

We’ll talk…

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