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Jane Philpott: I chose the truth. …That’s more important than my political career.

After much aggravation, and the help of a young genius, you are now receiving Blanche, albeit 14 hours late. G-d willing all the glitches are fixed.

Who wants to venture a guess that Boeing wished a flock of birds hit those two downed planes, floating this idea in the vain hope that they will not have to dole out zillions of dollars to families of those who died in the two crashes.

Some information came forward today from Ethiopian authorities who said the pilots of that doomed jet repeatedly followed procedures recommended by Boeing but were still unable to recover before the plane dove into the ground last month. This does not bode well for Boeing who is still making those planes which are now lying in wait to be delivered.

Ethiopian authorities suggested that the plane’s flight control system will be reviewed by the manufacturer. No kidding. Until this problem is 100% fixed, no one should fly on those planes.

Trudeau has had some very bad few weeks. Blanche, that’s putting it mildly. It’s more like the Titanic hitting the iceberg.

Through an access-to-information request, it is now public knowledge that Trudeau’s government spent six months searching for the rat who leaked the fact that Omar Khadr received a $10.5 million gift from his government.

Here’s our question: If he was so nervous about people finding out he gave Khadr this money, why did offer it in the first place? The reason, fellow Canucks, is that we must come to the realisation that Trudeau learned very well from Obama and has spent half, if not more of his time on apology tours, tears and all. “I’m so, so sorry.”

Khadr presented the absolute perfect person for Trudeau to apologise too. Young, muslim, away from home. The optics don’t get much better for dropping $10.5 million into his bank account. Your tax dollars at work.

Here’s a headline: Keep Trudeau in power and you will be assuring another five years of more apology tours and tossing your money away in the wind. We’re polite. The real phrase is p.ssing your money away. Blanche, you’re dizguzting.

How about that carbon tax given to Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick? They are now paying an extra 5 cents per litre.

What’s the point of this tax? The Liberal party line is that the carbon tax is a sensible way to protect the environment. Blanche, this is a fund-raiser for Trudeau who is spending Canadians money like a drunken soldier and looking at any way he can to put some money back in the coffers.

Of course he also said that drivers in these provinces will receive a rebate for this gas tax. Unfortunately, his government has yet to show how or when they are giving back the money. Again, our tax dollars at work.

Joe Biden is also apologising. “I didn’t realize people felt that way about my hugs, squeezes and my breath on their necks”. Did he do this to men? He may have hugged them, but he didn’t invade their personal space, nor breath down their neck.

So far there are seven women who have come forward to say that they endured unwanted touching by Biden. Even if he announces his run for President in a month, this story will haunt his campaign.

We are wondering why CNN and MSNBC are shocked that Elizabeth Warren is having trouble raising money for her presidential campaign.

Right now there are about 17 men and women running for the Democratic presidential nomination, with more waiting in the wings. The dems will try to find someone who can, at the very least, be able to debate Trump who, much to the chagrin of his denouncers, is a master debater.

Trump’s dream candidate: Pochantas aka Elizabeth Warren. Blanche, now do you understand why she can’t raise money? Why can’t the liberal news media get it?

Jane Philpott who resigned as President of the Treasury Board of Canada, after hearing that Trudeau said Judy Wilson Raybould’s accusations were false, has more moral character in her pinky finger than Trudeau, Housefather and all the other liberals put together.

In an interview given yesterday, she said, “I don’t know what my political future holds at this point. I think there may be some opportunities out there for me yet. The truth is more important than any individual’s political success.”

And one more thing: Did anyone else notice the complete and total silence of our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland? Guess she wants to keep her job.

On Friday, taxi drivers in Montreal are planning massive traffic stoppages all over Montreal. We will say it again. They are hurting their own cause by ticking off people who just want to get to work. While they are getting shafted by the government, much of what is happening to them is of their own doing. Not taking credit cards, dirty taxis, men who barely speak English, sloppy dressing etc did not endear them to the public.

Along came Uber who is not perfect by far. Not vetting their drivers is going to come back to haunt them. But…being able to see when your car is coming, knowing the cost in advance, not having to pay on the spot are making the taxi industry seem like a dinosaur.

Holding the city hostage is a tactic in the same vein as their dinosaur mentality.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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