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Just when you though Justin could not crawl any lower into the massive hole he has dug for himself regarding the truck convoy, he managed to find a very big shovel and go deeper. He accused Melissa Lantsman, the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, that she and anyone else who stands with the truckers also stands with people who wave/support/ swastikas. Thelma, he has lost it.

Lantsman’s response was epic: I think the Prime Minister should think long and hard about his own history before singling out a Jewish Member of Parliament and falsely accusing me of standing with a Swastika. What a disgraceful statement unbecoming of anyone in public office – he owes me an apology.

You’re damn right he owes her an apology. Here’s the scoop peeps: Like it or not and believe it or not, it is no coincidence that province after province are dropping covid mandates faster than you can say the words, no matter how they spin it. Nobody wants those truckers in their backyard. And you know why?

Because even Justin knows that at long last Canadians have finally woken up from their covid-coma and, as the line in the movie Network goes: We mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. And it is those truckers who represent that last line.

He can impose every emergency measure he wants and wear the fanciest socks Holt Renfrew has. Everyone – and that includes the rest of the world – everyone sees the emperor has no clothes. Lashing out like he did simply proves our point. He’s sputtering idiocy because he’s an idiot.

Thelma, if you think emperor legault dropped many of his ‘health’ mandates so quickly because he checked with health authorities, we have swampland to sell you in  Florida. 

No. The emperor dropped the mandates because he’s sliding in the polls like a skier going down on a hill on icy moguls. The beginning of his worst nightmare is beginning to emerge in the person of Eric Duhaime. He is the leader of the quebec Conservative party and is starting to breathe down the emperor’s neck.

The emperor is finally waking up and realizing that his subjects will no longer eat cake. Nor with they show a vaccine passport, adhere to a useless curfew and, wait for this – are getting sick and tired of wearing masks when they see rest of the world ending this particularly annoying mandate.

Here’s the deal peeps: If you are afraid to leave your house unless you are wearing a mask, then wear one. But do not project your fear on others. And if you have a problem with this, then contact your quebec member of parliament and tell them to get their act together and fix the medical system.

Jean Charest is thinking of running for the leadership of the Conservative party. Can we talk? Charest’s name is riddled with scandal after scandal and the second he puts his name in the hat, every single one of them is going to get a new life. First there were allegations of corruption involving construction companies, municipal politicians and the Italian Mafia. Those scandals didn’t involve his government directly, but they became his problem when, in the face of widespread demands for a public inquiry, Charest steadfastly declined to call one.

Then, no less than the Parti Quebecois found an astounding number of contracts – up to 70 per cent in one region – had gone to registered Liberal donors, and in some cases these people only became contributors after getting a daycare permit.

There was also a provincial auditor’s report that found Quebec’s regional venture-capital funds hadn’t complied with conflict-of-interest rules. And, as we read in yesterday’s paper, decades of collusion and corruption by the Charbonneau commission – under Charest’s reign – is the legacy he left.

If he decides to run, the liberals will have enough ammunition on him for the entire leadership race. One. Little. Drop. At. A. Time. Move on dude. The ship you are trying to board left the port years ago.

Thelma, are you wondering what’s the deal with the Ukraine and Russia? Why is the dictator Putin so ticked off with the Ukrainians that he is willing to go to war with them? Here’s a short history lesson: …Both countries were part of the Soviet Union until its collapse in 1991. At that time, more than 90% of Ukrainians voted to become an independent country — breaking away from the USSR. Ever since, the relationship between Russia and Ukraine has been complicated.

…Putin and the Kremlin have described Ukrainians and Russians as “one people.” And Putin took steps to make it a reality. Think: offering Russian citizenship to Ukrainians.

…But the big question that’s always loomed over Ukraine’s government is if it should buddy-up with Russia or the West.

…If Ukraine joins the EU they will become part of NATO and Russia would most likely invade them which would mean the EU countries would then have to defend Ukraine.

…In 2014 pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych decided to put a trade pact with the EU on hold. Ukrainians took to the streets to protest. A few months later Yanukovych got the boot and a pro-Western interim gov took the reins. Surprise: Russia wasn’t happy about that.

…In retaliation, pro-Russian separatists took over government buildings in Crimea (an autonomous region in southern Ukraine), with the Kremlin throwing its weight behind them.

…And today? Ukraine’s current president, Zelenskyy has been pushing NATO members to give the country its stamp of approval because he knows it would give him protection from Russia.

…Putin called his bluff and said joining NATO would be crossing the ‘red-line’ resulting in the current impasse with Putin playing cat and mouse with the Western world. Will he or won’t he invade? Time will tell.

By far the worst part of the emergency act is the ability of the government to freeze people’s bank accounts if they donated to the trucker cause or it seems, a Trump cause. People are angry with the truckers? Are you kidding? People should be out of their minds that the government has given itself the power to freeze people’s bank accounts purely, 100% purely, out of spite.

Justin is using the power of his office in a very dangerous way and people should sit up and take notice. He’s mad, is embarrassed, does not know what to do and has lashed out like a petulant child.

What happened in Ottawa, on the Ambassador Bridge, in Coutts Alberta and anywhere else the truckers decided to congregate is the result of two years of the public being fed a concoction of bs and entitled politicians closing down people’s businesses while continuing to take their own full salaries under the guise of keeping us ‘safe’.

It is the result of needless curfews, after they found out curfews are useless. It is the result of vaccine mandates/passports after no less than 90% of the population got vaccinated, did what was asked of them, and still got smacked in the head.

It is the result of our emperor shutting down restaurants the day before New Years Eve after everyone had bought and probably cooked all their food. Too bad. Tough luck. Suck it up. And for what? For a curfew that was unnecessary?

It is the result of politicians having no accountability.

Well dearies, they are now accountable. And the media can try to paint these truckers as the biggest conspiracy theorists known to man. It does not detract one iota from the dismal, incompetent, inept governing we have experienced in the past two years.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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