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What does the silence of all the so-called leaders in all of the cities where protestors are free to roam the streets without fear of reprisal telling the world? That Israel is the aggressor. That they deserved what happened on October 7.

October 7 was 'a terrible tragedy'. Now move on. The hostages? A footnote in history.

There is not a shred of doubt that anyone who allows those protests to cause havoc in their cities believe that what happened in Israel was terrible...but.

But Israel didn't let the poor gazans live like human beings

But Israel is the aggressor, building homes on 'occupied land'.

But Israel reacted too strongly.

But Israel is letting the poor palestinians starve.

But Israel bombed a hospital.

But. But. But.

If you are still delusional enough to hope that Justin and his band of losers are going to protect the Jewish people here or in Israel you are living in dreamland. He doesn't care. It's simply too much for him to absorb and think about. He reacts. He never acts.

Which is why Justin couldn't bear the optics of another Jody Wilson Raybould who had more inner strength and conviction than all of his cabinet put together. She stood by her principals, left the party to sit as an independent and lost her seat.

Unlike Anthony Housefather, she kept her dignity. She didn't grovel.

We will repeat this line, which has been repeated by many, much smarter people than us:

First they come for the Jews. Then they come for everyone else.

If the world believes that hamas is not coming to a theatre near them, they are in for a very rude and ugly awakening. When will they finally wake up and realize that Israel was trying to literally save the rest of the world?

And all the clowns masquerading today as leaders will be long gone, unaccountable for their inept, incompetent, bumbling.

Golda Meir had more brains in her pinky finger than most of the so-called leaders put together today.

We should comment on the budget put out today by madame chrystia Freeland. In a nutshell: More spending and bigger deficits. Here ya go:

The budget proposes more than $52 billion in new spending over five years,

Guess who's paying? You.

Justin has become the all time master at spending other people's money.

While in power, he at least doubled the bureaucracy in Ottawa. Yet, whenever it came to actually doing something - like creating the arrivecan app, he sought outside sources.

In other words you paid twice - once for the cushy bureaucrats and once for the inept independent contractors.

Your tax dollars at work.

Here's a friendly heads-up to all the geniuses who are busy boycotting Israeli products like wine and hummus.

If you really want to boycott Israel, kindly delete the following companies from your lives, all founded by Jews: Waze, Facebook, Linked In, Netflix, Bloomberg, Google and WhatsApp to name a few.

Oh, and while you're busy boycotting, stay out of the Jewish named hospitals, don't dare go to a Jewish doctor, lawyer, accountant or dentist and stop buying clothing designed by Jews.

Rather, we suggest you go to the arab hospitals in North America, buy yourself a folded map to navigate how to get there and install a landline to communicate with all the other fools you commiserate with.

Justin's tepid response to Iran's attack on Israel and his completely idiotic foreign minister Melanie Joly's 'advice' to Canadians in Israel were just another day in liberal lala land.

Justin blustered saying absolutely nothing. Canada "unequivocally condemns" Iran's attacks on Israel. And so? Our six year old granddaughter condemned the relentless attack on Israel. And then she went to play.

Since October 7 Justin has not only done nothing to help Israel and the Jews in Canada, he made things much worse by publicly saying Canada will no longer supply arms (read canoes) to Israel. That is tacit acknowledgment that Israel is the aggressor - obviously going after the 'poor palestinians'.

The hostages, if they are still alive, being treated worse than animals? He forgot about them, lost in his airhead brain.

His inability to use the word terrorist and Joly's moronic refusal to acknowledge that rape was used as a weapon told the story from the beginning and showed their true colors.

Aside from taking out ads on CNN, Iran signalled to the world that they were going to attack Israel last weekend. So what does Joly say?

Canadians who choose to remain in Israel should leave "by commercial means." And exactly how else were they going to leave?

Whoever votes for Justin again (and that includes the limp, liberal MP's in your riding), gets what they deserve.

You will be paying - literally - for Justin's dense leadership for decades. As will your children and grandchildren. And you want more of this? Boggles the mind.

Yesterday in many cities across North America, what the media are calling 'activists' disrupted people's lives. And in all cases, the police sat by and did nothing.

In Chicago you could not get to the airport and many missed their planes.

In Montreal they blocked people in a mall.

In San Francisco they blocked the Golden Gate Bridge for many hours.

In lower Manhattan in New York City, they stormed the Brooklyn Bridge blocking traffic, not allowing people to get to work.

In Montreal Madame Plante was clearly out of town, out of her mind or out to lunch. She did absolutely nothing to stop a few losers from making life miserable for the majority.

In San Francisco dozens of moronic losers closed down the Golden Gate Bridge from 7:30 am until about 3:00 pm. Nobody did anything. The sign those morons had was stop the world for gaza. What? How is preventing people from going about their daily lives in California going to help gaza? It's not.

Here's what we would do. Use one of those high pressure hoses on full blast to get rid of those parasites. If they had jobs, you can be sure they wouldn't be blocking anything anywhere. Somebody is paying them well enough to keep this up.

And as long as the police - in all of those cities - side with those disrupting society, doing less than nothing for gaza, we are doomed.

We don't have leaders anywhere. We have clowns.

We'll talk...

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