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Two days ago, Canadian Members of Parliament, including Federal cabinet minister transport Omar Alghabra and Green Party leader Elizabeth May met with and hosted a dangerous anti-Semite and Holocaust denier.

They hosted someone by the name of Nazih Khatatba who runs something called “Meshwar Media". We tried to check out the site but guess what? It's all in arabic.

Note that in the photo Alghabra, May and all the other genius MP’s are wearing palestinian keffiyeh scarves that symbolize palestinian nationalism.

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather says there is no place on Parliament Hill for this media group. Really? Well, there they are.

We ask this again: Anthony, why are you still a member of the liberal party? No, they are not in-your-face anti-Semites. They are worse than that. They pretend they like you but stab you in the back.

In case you never heard of her (which probably 95% of Canadians have not), Danielle Smith is the new premier of Alberta. Yesterday she took a page out of czar legault's manifesto saying that she is going to set up a mechanism where Alberta could potentially ignore federal laws or regulations if it deems them harmful to the province’s interest or a constitutional overreach. Sound familiar?

Czar legault's manifesto uses the notwithstanding clause to pass laws that are unconstitutional and take away people's basic human rights.

The root of both these premier's chutzpah is Justin's inability to be a leader of any kind. Had he taken a stand when the czar trampled over people's human rights with Bill 96, Smith would not be so emboldened.

Her issues are guns, which are part of the social life of Alberta and fertilizer which of course causes greenhouse gases which in turn pollutes the world which in turn causes climate change or global warming or whatever is now the buzz word.

Justin's reaction to her threat is that he is not looking for a fight. Really? Never mind that. Who stayed in the $6000 a night room in the Corinthia Hotel in London?

The cat's outta the bag thanks to the Globe and Mail. It's in black and white for all to see. Quebec’s family doctor crisis is the worst in Canada. If this is a surprise to anyone living in la belle province you have not been to a hospital or tried to contact a doctor lately. Or, you are eating way to much poutine and it went to your head.

And if you think the czar gives a rats or, as in the picture here, is listening to anything said or written, take the needle out of your arm. He won a big majority and as far as he is concerned, his base, who overwhelmingly voted him in, is just fine.

Interestingly, the article featured a couple from Varennes, part of the the czar's base. Their doctor retired and the 2 other family doctors in his practice had way to many patients and refused to take them on. Figure it out on your own.

In the end, they went private and it's costing them $165 a visit. The article also stated, as everyone knows, emergency rooms are filled mainly because people have no doctor to call. And it's always those who can least afford it who are forced to use the hospitals.

Last year, you may recall, the czar pledged to give every Quebecer a doctor. When he couldn't deliver on his promise he blamed the doctors, saying they were not signing up enough patients. Then he said, "My patience has hit its limit."

HIS patience has hit the limit? Oh, so it's ok that a general practitioner has one or two thousand patients? What planet is he living on?

Here's our suggestion: czar legault, his family and all of his government missives should be banned from the CHUM, the Glen and the JGH. If and when they need a doctor or hospital visit send them to the Lakeshore General or Lasalle General or even better, the Fleury hospital. Czar legault will then see what reaching one's patience really means.

Chew on this peeps: The CDC - Center for Disease Control said that almost 3,000 people have died from the flu since October.

Can someone please tell Aaron Derfel, who is laser beamed on reporting every covid sneeze and that it's making a comeback, that the flu is worse.

We wonder how much Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and Kelly Megg Florida's head Oath Keeper and both serious groupies of Donald Trump like him now that they were both convicted of seditious conspiracy regarding the January 6 2021 attack on the Capitol.

Rhodes, a disbarred lawyer faces a maximum sentence of 60 years on all charges for which he was convicted, including 20 years for the seditious conspiracy count. Meggs faces an 86-year maximum sentence. They will most likely not get such long terms but they will definitely spend a long time behind bars.

Is Trump helping them with their legal bills? Is he coming to their defense? Is he saying how much he values their friendship? Is he saying how happy he is that they led the insurrection on January 6? No to all of the above. Hope these dudes enjoy their new address.

Can we talk? Most Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and basically anyone not Christian does not celebrate christmas. We have our own holidays.

Ottawa has a federal program, of course paid by you, called Christmas Lights Across Canada. The program features Christmas lights in and around Ottawa which last time we looked is only in Ontario and not across Canada. But we digress.

According to Justin, those who do not celebrate christmas are in an uproar because of the name of that program. Our delicate sensibilities have been hurt. We can't sleep at night. We have lost our appetite. We no longer know what gender we are. All we want to do is hug a tree.

In an effort to appease us, Justin has changed Christmas lights Across Canada to Winter Lights Across Canada.

It appears that Justin's missives want everyone to participate and join in the spirit of the season. Is this all they have to do in Ottawa?

Read our lips: We don't want to participate. It's not our holiday. We don't care.

Instead of this bs, perhaps Justin could find the time to tell us who stayed in that $6,000 a night room in the Corinthia Hotel in London. Asking for a friend.

Does anyone in the world care that 3 geniuses of the Parti Quebecois were denied entry into the National Assembly because they won't take an oath to King Charles III?

Nobody. Except of course czar legault. Watch what he does next week. He will announce that no one has to take that oath any longer. Let's see what Justin does with that one.

FYI - this oath is called the Oath of Allegiance and was implemented to acknowledge the supremacy of the reigning monarch of Canada, now King Charles III. Seriously, do we need this?

Your tax dollars at work yet again promoting anti-Semitism in Justin's government.

Good Shabbos,

We'll talk...

Here's no surprise. CNN aka the Clinton News Network, is laying off tons of people and it's not because their ratings are spectacular. It doesn't help that they lured people from different networks to start CNN+ which never got off the ground.

As always, the CEO, in this case Chris Licht, says these are cost-cutting measures. You can be sure that his salary is not part of those measures.

Here's our take on this: Had CNN reported the news perhaps they would not be where they are today. Instead they were unabashedly cheering for Hillary during the 2016 presidential race and then never stopped bashing Trump, until this second.

That's not reporting the news. That's giving your very biased two-cents.

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