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Justin – Our Very Special Globe Galloping, Attention Seeking Prime Minister

Someone was traveling on a plane recently when lo and behold, on a North American flight no less,  there was a dude wearing a mask. Was he wearing it because he was sick or because he’s Asian and people will think he’s sick? Either way we were told it was unnerving.

It was also just revealed that the head of the Wuhan hospital just died of the coronavirus and Apple  came out with a report that their earnings will be below what is expected due to the virus in China. No kidding.

No one can get to work which means no products to make iPhones are getting to the factories and of course the workers can’t get to work. So hopefully you won’t get this nasty virus, but make no mistake,  you will  be affected by it in some way.

Our illustrious Prime Minister reported, in his very, very sad voice,  that he would not be going to the Barbados this week. Instead, he will break himself, come home and deal with the Indigenous people’s protest which closed down much of Canada’s railways system.

Blanche, don’t you feel awful for him? After all, he did tell his minions to ‘dialogue’ with the chiefs. What else could he have done while trying to get into bed with the Iranian foreign minister, shaking his hand for a very, very long  time? Come home and be a leader? He hasn’t the faintest hint of a clue how to do that.

It was reported today that everyday the rails sit idle,  $850 million worth of manufactured goods are going nowhere fast. Pshaw. Who cares about the Canadian economy? Certainly not Justin. This gets much more infuriating.

We will remind you that on January 8 of this year two Iranian missiles were fired at a civilian airplane causing it to crash moments after take-off from the Tehran airport. All 176 people aboard, including 57 Canadians, were killed. Trudeau had his crying, I-am-with-you-in-your-sorrow voice and now…he’s sucking up to Iran to get that less than useless seat on the security council. As Rex Murphy so eloquently said, exactly how many Canadians care if Canada gets this seat? Two would be the appropriate number.

Anyone know who Fred the Mini Service Horse is? If you were not on his flight, we’ll tell you. He’s a service animal that was allowed to fly. Yes dearies, he’s a horse that went with the person who simply cannot do anything without his service horse. Wait, it gets better. He was flying first class.

Blanche, imagine you paid a gazillion dollars for your first class ticket only to be sharing the cabin with a horse? Dont’worry, Fred is housebroken so he won’t, shall we delicately say, poop on the plane.

This is making a mockery out of people who really do need service animals. If you need one, no problem. Get a small dog that fits into your purse and bob’s your uncle. A horse? This guy is looking for his ten minutes of fame and found it.

Tomorrow night will be a very interesting Democratic nominee debate as Mike aka Mini Mike – Bloomberg has qualified to be on the stage with the rest of the plebs running.

After spending close to a billion dollars in ads, Bloomberg will finally get his chance to open his mouth. He has a lot riding on this, because if he flubs it, he will not only look bad in his race, but Trump will make minced meat out of him.

One thing is certain. You will not see the box behind the podium he’s standing on.

While we’re on the subject of the democratic presidential nominees, there was a poll taken recently where people were asked if they knew what the word socialism meant. Guess how many people didn’t know? Well over 50%. Got that?

Zaidy Bernie wants to socialise all the big companies, give everyone free medicare, housing, college tuition, food stamps and maybe a trip to Florida and Americans don’t have a clue what socialism is.

In case you were wondering, we looked up the definition: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

Let’s just say people should start paying more attention to who exactly is running for the democratic presidential nominee or they may find the company they worked so hard to build up, that employs so many people, will be taken over by the government.

The fight between Montreal’s Mayor Valerie Plante and NDG’s Mayor and knitter Sue Montgomery is still on the front pages of Montreal’s English newspapers.

We cannot find two better beauties to duke it out in public than these two. Plante wants to get rid of every car in Montreal and takes  pure delight in making motorists life a living hell and Montgomery has only left her ivory tower to fight with Plante. Go out and see what’s happening with her constituents? Who has time for that drivel when you’re fighting with Montreal’s mayor and can get your name in the papers.

Unfortunately, these two women are showing the world what everyone knows: when two women get into a cat fight, it’s all nails on board, hissing and name-calling. Not very flattering for either of them to put it mildly and doesn’t set a good example for other women.

The only good thing about this is that we have been spared Plante’s idiotic grin and because Montomgery is out of city council, she can no longer show everyone her knitting skills.

We’ll talk…

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