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An apology is very cathartic for the person  who committed whatever they did. However, it is not worth the words being said unless it is followed up immediately  by behavioral change. If that doesn’t happen, the apology is self-serving drivel. We are speaking of the latest Trudeau apology, this time to the victims of sexual assaults in the armed forces of Canada. Since taking office, Justin has been on an apology tour, our personal favorite being the apology to native Canadians when absolutely zero has been done to change anything.

The culture of allowing assaults in the armed forces to go on for decades is beyond disgusting. Those in positions of power felt and still feel that they can use their power to not only silence their victims, but humiliate them in front of their peers. How dare you rat on us – the entitled ones? There are not enough words to describe how disgusting those people are.

The minister of defence, Anita Anand clearly went to the Justin Trudeau school of how to apologize. After all, he was a drama teacher. She had sad eyes, a slight frown, her hand was on her heart, her tone was just short of whining – spare us.

Unless people who committed those assaults are brought to justice via trials and  are forced to apologize to the over 19,000 women who have entered a class action suit, this latest apology is worthless. And if the behavior of those in power doesn’t change then Justin should be held accountable.

Don’t plan on going to Israel anytime soon. Not only have they shut down the airports to almost everyone, it appears that the USA may be put on a red zone list – which means no one from there can go to Israel and Israeli’s are banned from going there. Canada will not be far behind.

Is the omicron variant that bad? It seems not but time will tell by the hospitalizations. In the meantime, Israel can kiss its tourism industry goodbye for another six months at least.

The NFL has mandated that all tier 1 and tier 2 personnel will have to be vaccinated. Who is in tier 1? Players, coaches, physicians, trainers and necessary personnel who require direct contact with players.

Who is in tier 2? General managers, front office staff and other football operations employees.

Now get this one: Although players are considered Tier 1 personnel, they will not be included in the booster mandate because the requirement would need to be negotiated with the NFL Players Association first. Read between the lines peeps and follow the money.

If players are forced to vaccinate, the 80,000 or so paying fans in football stadiums will disappear faster than you can say the word vaccinate. You can be sure that many of the best players are not vaccinated and won’t be forced to be.

This next piece takes the cake. A former major mob boss ripped into ex New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over his actions in the nursing home scandal in which thousands of New Yorkers died from COVID-19, snapping, “I’m a bad***. I’d never do it.” Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, who used to help run the Gambino crime family in New York City said that because Cuomo is Italian he would rather not rake him over the coals, but he said the following…

“I’m embarrassed to have someone do what he did as an Italian. He killed 15,000 people by putting people with the coronavirus in nursing homes with old people. … I don’t give a f*** who tells me to do that, whether it’s Trump, the president, the vice president – I would never do it. And I’m a bad***. I’d never do it.”

Cuomo best hope he doesn’t wind up behind bars. And if he does, it best be somewhere very far from New York, like Nebraska.

Kamala Harris is not happy with the negative media attention she is garnering. Here’s a headline for Ms. Harris: where there’s smoke there’s fire and the media smells smoke a mile away.

If she’s not happy with her 28% approval rating we suggest she buy a magnifying mirror and start practicing how to be nice to people and stop acting like she is the best thing since sliced bread with mayonnaise.

And in case you think we are exaggerating, here ya go: Her office is so dysfunctional that it led to the departure of several top staffers, including her spokeswoman, Symone Sanders, and communications director Ashley Etienne. People don’t leave jobs like that unless the working conditions are deplorable.

Wait. Did we say deplorable as in Hillary calling all Trump supporters a basket of deplorables? Perhaps Kamala should be calling Hillary for some advice. After all, she (Hillary) is now giving resiliency classes. Who wouldn’t want to be a fly in the room for that little chat? Hehehehe.

Remember the murders of billionaire Barry and Honey Sherman in Toronto? They were found hanged near the pool in their basement. Remember that at the beginning the police said this was a suicide/murder? Clearly it was not. Four years later – as in today –  the police have released a video of a man walking outside their home and are asking the public to help identify him. Now they are releasing the video?

If you see said video, it is virtually impossible to identify the person other than to say he’s a he – at least then he was a he. By now he could have become a she in which case it would be called they/them. But we digress.

There is a hefty reward if you can identify the person in the 20 second video. All to say that the Toronto police have completely bungled this double murder.

The good news is that Quebec doesn’t have to order any rapid covid tests as they have gzillions in warehouses that they refused to use until now.

The bad news is that Papa Legault suggested people start working from home again. And, get this one – masks are now recommended in common areas of seniors’ residences. Now they are recommended? Did Papa Legault not learn from his mistakes?

Are caregivers still not going from one place to another? Yes they are dearies.

We are not commenting on this. Merely stating the facts: It took Donald Trump about 4 hours to call in the National guard last January 6 when the Capitol building was under seige. Even his Sean Hannity, his biggest cheerleader was telling him to make a statement and tell people to go home.

Why didn’t he act?

We’ll talk…

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