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Justin Trudeau,  his like-minded cabinet and his ‘advisors’ have totally missed the boat. Totally.

Saying that ‘he will not negotiate with people who steal food from the homeless and those who displayed nazi symbolism’ is almost too ridiculous too repeat. Duh. Nobody would negotiate with them. That was not the point of the rally genius.

As per Justin’s usual way of handling things, he’s trying to slither out of the real problem.

He is doing complicated  yoga contortions to  ignore and pretend that  thousands of people – from all across Canada –  came out on highways, in small towns, on overpasses, on country roads, on boulevards – wherever they could safely stand to go out and cheer on the truckers.

Of course there are yahoos, anti-semites, white supremacists and other idiots in the crowd. Hey, some of them might even be part of the organizers. That is too totally, completely miss the point.

Does Justin and the media who seem, for the most part, to be on his page as per their constant reporting on the few nutballs in the crowd, not realize that Joe Shmo and his friends watch hockey and yes, American football? So what do they think when they see 80,000 people – with not a mask in sight – in the stands in Kansas city and an empty Bell Center here. They think and they know that we live in a country that is suffocating them financially and emotionally.

Joe Shmo has finally figured out that Canada and every provinces’ edicts have nothing to do with the virus and everything to do with politics and approval ratings. Case in point is emperor legault rescinding the vax-tax stating it divides people. BS. It’s not good for his approval rating.

90% of Canadians are vaccinated, yet we still have lockdowns and massive restrictions on our freedom. It’s enough. What else do we have to do to ‘be safe’? Stay home for another 2 years? Close restaurants again on a whim? Force people to show vaccination passports to buy a sponge? Are they powers that be trying to totally destroy the economy? People have had it and no one is listening.

So these truckers represent our voice. No, we don’t like the extremists but guess what, there are extreme people everywhere.

If politicians don’t understand what is really happening then they don’t represent us nor any other Canadians. And that is what this truck convoy is about. It’s time for our elected officials to take the cotton out of their ears and actually listen to what the people are saying. Get your act together and  fix the medical system which has collapsed and is on life-support.

Justin’s birthday is December 25 but yesterday he got either a very early or very late present. Erin O’Toole’s caucus has revolted against him and there will be a vote tomorrow to see if he will remain leader. He’s going to lose but insists on fighting. He’s a fool. 

O’Toole has run his leadership the same way our own Mount Royal riding has been run. Poorly and oblivious to anything but their own four cubits, totally out of touch with reality.

Here’s a headline: It is very obvious that the ‘old boys club’ is incapable of choosing a leader or decent candidates in ridings around the country. The last true leader was Stephen Harper and that was a long time ago. Our own riding chose a candidate with a ‘name’ but absolutely nothing else.

O’Toole could not make a decision about anything and when he did open his mouth it took five minutes and he changed his mind. That leaves you looking weak, which, guess what? You are.

It’s time for him to leave. It’s time for some new blood  so maybe, just maybe in the next election Justin will have some competition. And by the way, that goes for every riding in this country where the ‘old boys club’ still exists.

Old boys clubs are exactly that. Old. Boys.  Time for new blood that can think out of the box.

Why is it that people who act in movies and can memorize lines or are on talk shows think they are smart? For the most part, they are pretty dense and for sure they should keep their mouths shut. Case in point: Whoopi Goldberg.

This dufus said that the Holocaust was not about race. She then apologized and again was a dufus. She said ok, it was about race but also about man’s inhumanity to man.

Can we talk? Right here we have the essence of the problem with the woke culture and black lives matter. Black people see everything through the lense of their own oppression. They cannot fathom that the germans murdered and tortured 6 million Jewish men, women and children simply because they were Jewish. And they went back 7 generations, so if you tried to pretend you were not Jewish they found you anyway.

What is equally aggravating is how every Jewish organization is bending over backwards to bring her to Holocaust museums and on trips. Give her one of Elie Weisel’s books and call it a day. Don’t give her one iota of credence that she doesn’t deserve. Feh.

Back to emperor legault and the rescinded vax tax. Big whoop. Everyone knew that as soon as his opinion polls dropped because of this, he would backtrack. No, that’s not the big issue today. Why do gyms and other places have to wait 2 more weeks to open? Why can’t they open tomorrow? Again, because the emperor and all other politicians have no skin in the game. They do not suffer for a second that their businesses are closed. They don’t have to worry about paying rent, about rehiring their employees, about restocking. Nope.

They just talk out of their rear ends (nice way of putting it, eh?) and move on to sharpen the next pencil. As this pandemic slowly, painfully comes to an end, many of our ‘leaders’ are completely losing their credibility, which we are not sure they had at all.

We’ll talk…

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