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Kudos to Tom Brady and Robert Kraft for Winning the Super Bowl and Being Big Supporters of Donald T

If you thought driving  on the ice was bad, turns out it was way better than today, which was extra special.

Because the temperatures rose so quickly, much of the ice melted causing huge floods on the streets. As well, because Montreal uses inferior materials to pave their roads, the potholes that emerged were nothing short of craters. It literally takes one day of warm temperatures for the asphalt to totally disintegrate. The big problem arose when said craters were covered by the flooded streets.

Sue Montgomery, the genius mayor of the Montreal suburb of NDG took the cake today. The roads in that area are basically impassable and have been so for about two weeks.

Today, after being cornered by both citizens and the media, she admitted, as she had last year, that many of the snow clearing machines in her suburb are broken. Really? She never fixed them since last winter? We will remind you that she’s the mayor who was baking cookies with her children last year when there was a huge storm and people lost power. Goes to show that brains are no qualification to get elected.

Tonight we are getting a flash freeze so everything that is now water will again turn to ice. There’s a reason we are called the frozen chosen.

His popeness has finally admitted that priests and bishops, who have to take a vow of celibacy, abused nuns. No kidding. Celibacy is not normal. Over hundreds of years churches riled up their people to go after Jews. Seems like going after the Jews was a ruse to deflect  what was really going on and most likely is still happening as celibacy is still part of the church’s mandate.

Blanche, had they used an r instead of a c, they would have been able to celebrate instead of be celibate. But we digress…hehehehe.

Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam, who is a Democrat (not a Republican as CNN was trying to pass him off as on Sunday) is continuing to resist calls to resign over his yearbook scandal. The one where he apologized for appearing in a photo that shows one person wearing blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

After the photo appeared, he backtracked, saying he wasn’t in the photo. Meanwhile, people are also talking about the state’s Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who’s next in line to become the state’s governor if Northam resigns. Yesterday, Fairfax denied a woman’s allegation that he sexually assaulted her in 2004. He said the encounter had been consensual and suggested Northam’s supporters may be behind this, saying the timing of the allegation didn’t seem like a coincidence.

Quite the group of politicians in Virginia, eh Blanche?

To the utter dismay of the Democrats, and despite everything they have tried to do to get rid of Trump, his approval rating today is higher than the approval rating of Obama at this time.

To add insult to injury, the New England Patriots won the super bowl. What does that have to do with Trump? Plenty.

Tom Brady, the most dignified and smartest quarterback in decades and the owner of his team, Robert Kraft, are huge Trump supporters. The LA Rams, who lost the game and come from California and are…guess what? Democrats who hate Trump. He who laughs last…

And by the way, the half-time super bowl show was idiotic. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Blanche, remember we told you to always keep your passwords written down somewhere? Well, it seems that the young and late Gerry Cotten did not do so. He died without anyone knowing his passwords and there is now $250 million in cryptocurrency missing.

Cotten was so paranoid about security that he used something called cold wallets – a system that stores cryptocurrency offline to avoid hacking. The information is on USB sticks or electronic hardware not connected to the internet, which makes retrieving said information virtually impossible. It is literally like finding a needle in the haystack of the world.

His wife doesn’t know his passwords nor does she have the recovery key. If you gave money to this dude for investment purposes, we are guessing that for the time being, you can kiss it goodbye.

Measles is now in Montreal. A person contracted the disease in Poland,  traveled to Minsk, Belarus where he or she got onto a plane to Montreal via Frankfurt, Germany. The plane also stopped in Toronto.Once the person arrived to Montreal, they visited two clinics — on January 28 and 30. The clinics were not named.

Enter the anti-vaccers – geniuses who don’t vaccinate their children, causing what should be an almost eradicated disease to again rear its ugly head.

The city should name the person who has the measles, print the name of the clinics and then, doctors should publicly post the names of those who don’t vaccinate their children. The schools would then not allow those children in until they are vaccinated. Time to take the gloves off with this and put an end to it.

We’ll Talk…

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