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Montreal’s Five Minutes of Cringe-Worthy Fame.

So Blanche, we’re finally famous. The demolition derby video that was taken yesterday when the city didn’t salt one of the bigger hills in downtown Montreal has been viewed, at last count, by over 18 million people.  Dats a lotta peeps. Seems they salted the hill going up but for ‘some’ reason, never got around to salting the down part.

While listening to Fox News this morning, lo and behold Montreal got an honourable mention. Make no mistake however, it’s nothing to be proud of. The announcer did not bother to contain himself and had a good laugh at our expense while watching the video.

As for the union who does this work – first we heard that suddenly the snow turned to black ice. Who knew that happens here? Quel surprise. Then we heard there was a ‘communication’ problem. Can we talk?

If anyone knows someone in the public works of Montreal, specifically in da union please pass our suggestion along to them: Make a list of all the hills downtown, like Guy, Peel, Mountain, Beaver Hall Hill etc. Then, give that list to da dudes who take the trucks out to salt the streets. Then tell those dudes not to come back until all those hills have been salted – up and down. They don’t have to talk to anyone. They just have to get the job done.

One more thing on this. The Montreal Gazette made no mention of this video in today’s paper. They must work for the same union as the salter dudes.

While we do not celebrate xmas, we appreciate a nice big, full  tree, like the one in Rockefeller Centre. The tree that Montreal put up this year looks like it went on a diet gone bad.

Here is the best line from the city about this tree, which could win the quote of the year award: “We don’t pretend that it is the most beautiful tree, but it’s unique and if you look long enough you will find something unique for you.” There are no words.

Unique? It’s ugly, scrawny and belongs in someone’s fireplace, not in the middle of a city. The missives can pretend all they want. When the emperor has no clothes, he’s naked and when the tree has no pines it’s also naked.

In an astonishing u-turn, Angela Merkel announced today that ‘the full veil is not appropriate here’. In other words, she is banning the burka. She’s a tad late for this edict, n’est pas?

Remember when she said she was letting in oh, 1 million ‘refugees’? She also backtracked on her policy to let in said refugees saying she would avoid a repeat of the huge migrant influx that occurred under her watch last year. Ya think there’s an election coming? Blanche, don’t you wonder what possessed her to take in all of those people in the first place, thousands of whom could not be vetted?

It’s one thing to change your mind and have toast instead of a bagel for breakfast. What she did is nothing short of pandering to get herself re-elected.

There is no doubt that CEO’s of big companies in the USA are ‘tzittering’, which, loosely translated means shaking in their boots. Trump went after Boeing today and good for him. Here’s his tweet on this: “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”

A defense official confirmed that the total cost of the Presidential Aircraft ‘Recapitalization’ program will likely be $4 billion which is where he got the number. It appears that the money tree in the backyard of the White House is going to shake a lot less in a few weeks.

Dalhousie University did an ‘economic analysis’. Blanche – those are code words used so that people roll their eyes and either not read the article or sigh at the mumbo jumbo jargon.

In said report, Trump is being blamed for the fact that our food bills will be going up next year. Seriously? That new nifty little carbon tax that everyone is going to pay will hike the prices. The dairy board protecting the farmers needs to go. Then maybe our food bills will go down. What the heck does Trump have to do with this? Nothing. It’s a decoy so duck.

In case you didn’t know, the Duke of Westminster died in August at the age of 64 of a heart attack. Who cares you ask? His son for one. He’s 30 years old and is now the richest bachelor on Earth under the age of 30 having inherited about $9 billion. If you know anyone who might be a suitable bride, perhaps now is the time to pipe up.

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