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Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na… We’d best be singing this for the Habs Tonight!

Could be your nails will start to grow again after tonight’s game.  If the Habs lose you won’t have to bite them anymore. They will put their skates in a cupboard and take out their golf clubs.

Sunday night’s game was hard to watch as the team seemed to be a tad on the tired side. Either that or New York was too overwhelming for them – the city not the team. Let’s hope they can make something from almost nothing tonight. The kidnapping of that day-old infant from the hospital in Trois-Rivieres is pretty scary. The woman who took the baby was wearing some kind of official uniform complete with an ID badge. How exactly was the woman who gave birth supposed to know she was a fraud?

The bigger question is where did this obviously deranged woman get the ID?  Did she steal it? Was she able to make it herself? Did the ID have a picture on it?

Anyone can be wearing a uniform and it’s hard to distinguish who’s who in the zoo. But ID? Impossible to know if it’s legit unless there’s a picture. And if there wasn’t a picture, then someone best institute that procedure while the powers that be mull over what to do with the bigger picture.

Who knew Montreal had a deer issue? Such is the case in the Pointe-aux-Prairies Nature Park. It’s way out east, but still part of Montreal. Yes Blanche, that little park has forty-one hungry deer with not enough vegetation to feed them all. Uh oh.

If you were a hungry deer what would you do? Simple. You’d leave the park and go to a ‘grass and leaf restaurant’ in the neighborhood! And that’s exactly what they are doing. Eating all the shrubs and grass in the front and back yards of people’s homes. Seems the authorities want to tranquilize them and move them to a forest somewhere way outside the city. Good idea. This piece will not make you happy. Owners of iPhones and iPads, for now mainly in Australia, have been targeted by a hacker who is freezing the devices and demanding a ransom of up to $100 to unlock them. It appears that the hacker, who goes by the name Oleg Pliss, has managed to exploit the Find My iPhone feature which can track and remotely lock stolen devices.

Imagine you’re talking to someone or sending an email and  your phone suddenly locks itself. You can’t unlock it with your password because this lowlife Oleg, most likely wearing his ‘hemdel’, undershirt and interhoisen ‘underwear’ somewhere in a basement in Uzbekistan wants to earn some money and he has chosen you as his new employer. Upside world.

Perhaps you should plan to go to San Francisco in the next few days. An anonymous man has been dropping wads of cash around that city and apparently has no plans to stop anytime soon.

The money stasher, who uses the Twitter handle @HiddenCash, has been leaving envelopes stuffed with $20 and $100 bills around the city since Friday, tweeting out the locations in a social-scavenger hunt that has thousands captivated. Only in America.

In case you were wondering how Rob Ford is doing in rehab, wonder no more. According to his brother Doug he’s doing ‘just fabulous’. He lost weight, is obviously not drinking or taking any, shall we say, illegal substances and as he’s out of commission, his mouth is also not working overtime.

Don’t worry said Doug, once he’s out of rehab in a few weeks he’ll be back in the mayoralty race. Spare us.

We’ll talk…

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