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Nikki Haley is Making a Mockery of the United Nations. Good for her.

Timing, they say, is everything. A week before the G7 conference taking place just outside Quebec City, Trump dumped huge tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. And as we have been saying all along, NAFTA seems to be, for now at least, dead in the water.

There is no doubt that Trump has something else in mind when he imposed these tariffs. He kept saying all along that if NAFTA wasn’t signed by June 1, tariffs would be imposed. In March when he threatened the same thing, Trudeau managed, in a phone conversation with Trump, to stall said tariffs.

Trump figured out Trudeau long ago. Same with Freeland, Justin’s chief negotiator who Trump despised. Had Trudeau been just a tad smarter, to put it mildly, he would have replaced Freeland and most likely would now have a signed NAFTA deal. Alas, while Trump may not be a genius, he is way sharper than Trudeau. Gender equality and aboriginal rights are not in his vocabulary, something Trudeau just couldn’t figure out.

Our guess is that Trump will show up at the G7 conference as though nothing happened, making everyone else squirm.

Nikki Haley is single-handedly making a mockery of the United Nations…and doing a very good job at that.

“It is outrageous for the Security Council to fail to condemn Hamas rockets attacks against Israeli civilians,” Haley said. “You would think no one would want to side with Hamas over its rocket launches. But the statement was blocked.”

She went on: The Gazan volleys were “a clear escalation of violence,” Haley said, accusing the council of being “disconnected” from the realities on the ground. “The people of Gaza do not need protection from an external force. The people of Gaza need protection from Hamas.”

“Apparently some council members didn’t think Hamas launching rockets qualified as terrorism,” she continued, but “the United States begs to differ.” Again, you may not like Trump, but he is, without a doubt, as big an ally of Israel as Stephen Harper was.

It’s no secret that if you are a journalist in Russia and don’t like Putin or his policies you may suddenly and permanently disappear. Yesterday, a Russian journalist who was on such a hit-list and whose death had been reported (with pictures) walked into a room full of people, alive and well.

Imagine the mouths that dropped (including his wife’s) when Babchenko showed up to a press conference officials were holding about his death and said “I’m still alive for the moment.”

Arkady Babchenko, is a former Russian soldier-turned-journalist, known for criticizing Russian military action in Syria and Ukraine. Last year, he booked a one-way ticket from Russia to Ukraine because he didn’t feel safe.

Babchenko said Ukraine’s SBU had learned of a “serious” plan to kill him two months ago and warned him about it one month ago. The plot originated in Moscow, from ‘government security services’. The SBU showed him the evidence and he understood that it was coming from Russia, probably from state security apparatus. Babchenko said the SBU suggested he take part in a sting operation, which he did and which saved his life. Now he really has to go and hide.

We would like to know who exactly is still shopping at Sears? Obviously not many people as they are now closing another 72 stores. If one needs something at Sears, unless you’re Billy-Lou living in Arkansas, we are guessing you could get your product on amazon. And it appears that even Billy-Lou is figuring that out.

We told you last week that the NFL had issued new rules regarding kneeling for the national anthem. Well, it seems that the majority of fans agree with them: In a survey of 1,795 Americans conducted May 24-25, Survey Monkey found that 54% approved of the NFL’s new policy, while 43% disapproved.

And the hard-core fans? 56% said they approved of the policy, while 42% disagreed.Not much more to say on this one.

A final note on the disgusting language and comments that are currently rolling around certain tv programs. Blanche will not lower herself to even write them out partially. Stop blaming Trump for what is happening. The big news stations are having a field day and making lots of money on this. Don’t you think it’s about time to grow up and stop playing into this?

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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