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No Blanche, Trudeau and Trump are Not Bros…

In his never-ending quest to be seen as a feminist, Justin Trudeau has stepped in it again. We’re soon going to have to buy him those doggy bags to scoop it up.

Did you know that we now have an Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security? Now you may be as confused as we were when we saw this title. What do women, peace and security have in common? We’ll tell you as per Trudeau’s uber-feminist mind:

She is going to advance the Liberal government’s feminist foreign policy on how to protect the rights of women and girls who face violence and insecurity. There ya go.

So here’s our question: Who protected the feminist rights of Jody Wilson Raybould? No one. You know why? Because protecting feminist rights from a distance is a piece of cake.

As soon as a woman steps onto Justin’s turf and challenges him – poof! they’re gone. If people cannot see that this dude is as shallow and superficial as they come, they need glasses or if they have them, a better prescription. Feh.

We happened to watch Beto O’Rouke on Morning Joe earlier today. After he finished we realised why Joe Biden is called all kinds of names by Trump – Creepy Joe, Sleepy Joe, Slow IQ Joe.

Joe Biden reminds us of Hillary Clinton politics. He’s sooooooo calm, never gets rattled, is smoother than brushed velvet and rolls up his sleeves perfectly. Mostly though, he talks to people as though he knows much better than they do what they need.

Our prediction is that the polls putting him way ahead of all the other candidates are the same kinds of polls that put Hillary way ahead of Trump. Meaningless.

After three and a half years as White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving at the end of the month and going home too Arkansas. Seems she’s leaving with her dignity in tact and no subpoenas.

Next week, Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau will be meeting for the first time since Trump left the G7 summit in Quebec last year in a huff. No love lost between those two and certainly far from the bros that Trudeau and Obama were.

They are going to try and finish NAFTA which has been lingering for well over a year as well as the trade issues with China and Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the owner of Huawei who is being kept in Canada while the US tries to extradite her.

Then there are the two men that China took to punish Canada for Wanzhou’s arrest. Two for one?

We will go out on a limb here (tongue in cheek) and say that Trudeau is well over his head. For starters, the Chinese are saying that the current difficulties in China-Canada relations are caused solely by the Canadian side, who must assume full responsibility. That doesn’t bode well.

Let’s just say if Trump and Trudeau can sit at a table and actually talk to each other without Trump losing his cool at our leader’s, shall we say, mode of talking – uh, uh, uh, we’re already ahead of the game.

Here’s a surprise – the new Champlain bridge did not open on June 3. What Blanche, you forgot it was supposed to open? Yes dearie. Incoming lanes were to open June 3, outgoing lanes June 17. We’re at June 13 and so far haven’t heard a peep from da bridge people. We very recently happened to drive over the old Champlain bridge while praying it wouldn’t fall into the St. Lawrence when we noticed how many trucks, and how much equipment is still sitting on the new bridge.

We wonder if the construction company is getting fined. We think not.

Are we the only ones who think that hare-brained actresses should shut their mouths over the anti-vaccine issue? The latest genius to open her mouth is someone by the name of Jessica Biel. We have never heard of her but from what she has said, she needs to put a cork into it.

Truthfully, this is beyond infuriating. The general conversation over vaccines has been clouded by confusion, debunked scientific studies and unfounded claims over toxins and vaccine injury. She has added to the fog.

This Biel brainwave questioned the safety of vaccines on a trip this week to lobby the California Legislature against a bill that would toughen immunization requirements in the state.

What are these people smoking? In Biel’s case it’s obviously something very strong as she backtracked completely after getting fierce pushback from parents and doctors.

She can memorise lines and spit them back. End of the brain power. Zip it up lady.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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