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No Shortage of Slimeballs eh Blanche?

Our apologies if you are getting this twice or have fallen off the list. Wait, if you’re off the list you’re not reading this. Anyway…Blanche is moving to another server, G-d willing by Tuesday. The look will be different but at least you’ll get it once and we won’t have to sweat everytime we send it out. Lotsa issues and no one to talk too. Faceless companies need to get a face.

MNA Gerry Sklavounos, expelled from the Liberal caucus last October due to a few women coming forward that he had been, well, gross at best, held a news conference today. Can we talk?

First of all, why do all of these men (Anthony Weiner for one) have the need to have their wives standing beside them when they apologize for obviously thinking that they are the world’s gift to women. This dude is a particular sleaze ball. Here’s what he said,“To those who I may have inadvertently offended, despite myself, know that it was never my intention, and I sincerely regret it,”

Inadvertently offended? Despite myself? What the heck does that mean? Here’s a line that he should stick on his forehead: No means no. Inadvertently offended? Find us one woman who wants to be touched in an inappropriate manner or spoken to in a way that makes her cringe. Most likely you can’t.

These men, who come forward at press conferences, should grow a pair, put on their big boy pants and stand by themselves. Their wives were not around when they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves and should be allowed to retain their dignity through anonymity, if that is possible being married to scissor hands. Ich.

Who wants to be a fly on the wall with Blanche on Monday when Trudeau meets Trump? Now that’s going to be quite the meeting. One can only imagine how Trudeau wishes Obama – his new and forever bff was still there. Alas, sunny ways will have to actually be in the real world. What? Real world? What’s that?

The aim of this meeting, get this one – is that Canada not become collateral damage in trade wars or any other anything else Trump has up his sleeve. Why do we think Trump is going to sound nice and smooth but in reality make minced meat out of Justin.

What’s with the Montreal Canadiens? The cartoon in the paper today said it all – a hockey player skating with a walker. Do they need to be in a senior citizens home?

These dudes get paid a ridiculous amount of money to entertain their fans. They have to do three things: skate fast, score goals and protect their goalie so the other team doesn’t score. If all the pieces are in place in terms of the players, then it’s the coach who has to take a very long vacation.

We had the same story last year with Carey Price out. This year he’s back in and they still can’t get their act together. Spoiled, entitled, whiny and grossly overpaid men.

Madelaine Albright (former Secretary of State) converted from Catholicism to Episcopalianism before learning her roots were Jewish. Blanche, she has now accepted Islam. Can we talk?

She’s not a muslim and never will be. Her words are as false as she is. Plus she doesn’t give a rats about them. If she’s looking for brownie points she should better go hug a tree or save a whale.

It’s no secret that Blanche is no fan of Hillary and therefore rather happy that she’s baking cookies and knitting a sweater in Long Island. Given that, we can’t catch our breath since Trump took office, a mere three weeks ago.

He reminds us of a very fast ping-pong game. Ever try to watch one of those? Two people smashing an empty ball with such speed your head can’t possibly turn from side to side that fast. Can someone please send him a memo that he can s.l.o.w. down? He’s there for four years and can take his time putting things into place.

Blanche can you imagine working for him? We heard he never sleeps and because his family is in New York must be bored silly. So he works like a nutcase till midnight, sleeps for four hours and then starts tweeting.

Today, the UK House of Commons condemned Israeli settlements activity and affirmed United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 that call on Israel to halt such action. We will remind you that resolution is where Obama tossed Israel under the bus just before he went on his permanent vacation.

England is always living on the edge fearing home-grown terrorists. Said terrorists are not Jews nor are their families from Israel. We cannot fathom why countries go after the little dot on the map and the only democracy in the Middle East called Israel. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Good Shabbos we’ll talk

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