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No Words and No Action.

If nothing changed regarding guns, gun control and mental health issues after Sandy Hook, when 26 six-year-olds were shot at point blank range six years ago, nothing is going to change after this, the 19th school shooting this year.

The United States is the only country in the world where this happens. The why has multiple, overlapping and intertwining reasons. So again we will see prayer vigils, candles, many interviews, tears and shrinks trying to make sense of something that is senseless.

Not to sound macabre, but remember the Las Vegas shootings a couple of months ago? Over 50 people were randomly shot from a window in a hotel. No reason. No mental health issues. Just someone’s personal armoury. It didn’t even last two days in the news.

Right now, it is virtually impossible to stop these massacres as the guns are out there and can be bought at Walmart, gun shows and thousands of stores in between. For now, perhaps the answer is what they have in Israel – metal detectors and guards with some brains checking backpacks. It is time to deal with the here and now and stop talking about things that will never get done.

May G-d give those who lost their children, husbands and wives comfort and strength. There are no words.

Anybody see Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo-jung? That’s a name, eh? It’s obvious that she got the looks in the family. She actually has a chin. Blanche, that’s nasty.

Even though it seems that she’s a favourite of her brother, she best watch her back as top aides can have notoriously short life spans. Maybe she’s planning to stay in South Korea? Ya never know.

Wait. His uncle tried that and Kim Jong got him in an airport with some kind of poison. Remember that. He’s one special dude that Kim Jong Un.

A German actress actually said out loud what we have been saying for quite a while now. She was speaking at the German Film Festival (we are guessing in German) and said the following:

“Women are expected to squeeze into tight-fitting, low-cut dresses and totter on impossible heels in order to serve the gaze of those who’ll judge whether they are marketable or not.” She’s in favour of comfortable clothes.

Perhaps someone can give this message to female talking heads on all the major stations. The only one who dresses with some self-respect and class is Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe. And believe us, it takes nothing away from what she has to say. Nor does being half naked make what you are saying more relevant.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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