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OMG – I Can’t Remember My Twitter Password…Said the Governor of Hawaii

Justin Trudeau has done it again. In the middle of the Davos talks, he announced that Canada has reached agreement on joining 11-member Trans-Pacific Partnership. Sounds good. Then he started to speak.

While Trudeau opened his remarks with trade he then veered into a mixed bag of greatest hits on gender parity, diversity, the imbalance of corporate boards, single mothers, the Canada child benefit, future women’s summits. Does he not have another speech?

How about talking about how Canada is going to define themselves on the world stage vis-a-vis this huge trade deal. He belongs as head of the United Nations department for women’s affairs. Not as Canada’s prime minister.

The FBI has ‘lost’ about five months’ worth of text messages that were exchanged between two staff members who share a common denominator: They are tied to the Russia collusion investigation of President Donald Trump — and they’re rabidly anti-Trump. Oh, and one more thing: They were having an affair.

Wait, there’s more: They were part and parcel of the Hillary Clinton email investigation that went nowhere.

Here’s something else to chew on: The time frame of ‘lost’ texts was Dec. 14, 2016, through May 17, 2017. What’s special about May 17? That’s the date House Democrats held a news conference on a reported memo by former FBI director James Comey, which claimed President Trump obstructed justice during Russia probe.

Keep reading Blanche, this gets much better.

It appears that FBI director James Comey was coordinating with Attorney General Lynch to exonerate Hillary regarding the email server that was in her house and her lost tens of thousands of emails. This decision, made in May, was seemingly well ahead of his July 5 press conference where this was announced.

Remember when Bill Clinton met with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac to talk about their grandchildren? Guess what? They were making sure that Hillary would never be charged with anything for pay to play or her email scandal.

Now perhaps the Russia-Trump collusion issue, which is air, will be dropped in favour of a real scandal and cover-up.

Remember that massive incoming missile alarm that went off in Hawaii about ten days ago? The one that no one could stop for almost 40 minutes? Well Gov. David Ige knew within two minutes it was a false alarm. Ah, but he couldn’t get on Twitter and tell everybody because he didn’t know his password. This is not a joke.

Can we talk? Every site that has a password has a little line underneath where you type your password that says forgot your password? When you click on that, a message goes to your email inbox in about, oh, say 10 seconds and you can create a new password.

If the governor was too distraught to change his password in an emergency, perhaps he should write down all his other passwords and give them to someone else for safekeeping. Or perhaps he should change jobs because he folds in an emergency.

For the second time in 8 months, Bell Canada is alerting about 100,000 customers that their information – like your name, phone number and email address – has been illegally accessed in a potential data breach.

Last May 1.9 million email addresses and about 1,700 names and phone numbers were stolen from Bell’s database. Here’s a tip for everyone who uses Bell:

If you get an email with a verification code to help confirm your identity with Bell, and you have not contacted Bell for any reason, or even if you did, don’t give out any information without calling Bell or the RCMP. And change your passwords.

That genius, fist-pumping I-want-a-country-for-my-children (meaning the country of Quebec) Pierre Karl Péladeau told the PQ that he’s available if they need him.

Let’s put it this way: They need him like a fish needs a raincoat.

President Trump signed a bill today imposing large tarrifs on imported solar panels and residential washing machines. Buy American made and you won’t be dinged with that tax. The result:  People will indeed start buying American again and more jobs will be created.

We’ll talk…

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