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Out of Touch Politicians Are Heading for Extinction

Zut alors, it seems that Montreal had a bigger deficit than Valerie Plante anticipated. We hope she was not surprised by this.

We, the little people, only knew what Coderre spent when he deemed fit to tell us. What nobody except those on the inside knew was how much money he really spent. Let’s put it this way: If he considered our money his money and his money his money, then he spent a lot of money. Plante is not even planted (pardon the pun) in the mayor’s chair yet and she’s already behind the eight ball.

There’s no doubt you have never heard of Roy Moore. He’s the Republican party’s nominee for Senate in Alabama. That is, he was the nominee until a few hours ago.

The fact that he has been accused of assaulting a minor many years ago is only part of his problems. Get this one Blanche: When he was the Alabama chief justice, he was  called the “Ayatollah of Alabama”. Nice, eh?

Lest you think this moniker a bit extreme, think again. He was removed twice from Alabama’s Supreme Court.

The first time when he refused to move a boulder-sized Ten Commandments monument from the statehouse; the second time in 2016 when he was permanently suspended after he instructed probate judges to deny marriage licenses to gay people.

Gets better. He was also called racially insensitive when he used ‘dated’ terms to seemingly describe Asian people and Native Americans during a recent campaign speech.

“Now we have blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting…” Oy.

It appears that he will have to step down from what was going to be a landslide victory over his opponent. Aw shucks.

If you thought Couillard is out of touch with us plebs, he just took his ‘out-of-touchness’ to another level.

Blanche, can you believe that they are dumping another $250 million to fix the roof on the aging, decrepit, useless Big O? Wait, this gets better.

While they are fixing the roof, Quebec wants the possibility of taking it down to meet the needs of groups that want to hold events under the sun or stars. What??? Here’s a headline: There are 2 out of the 12 months when this is possible and even that’s a stretch.

Here’s exactly why politicians are getting kicked out of office all over the world. They are totally out of touch with their population. We don’t want our tax dollars to fix that roof. Can we take a vote? Maybe have a referendum? No because Couillard is in the ‘we-know-what’s-good-for-you club.

You heard this here first: Couillard is going to lose the next election unless the CAQ makes a big U-turn comes out and says they are holding a referendum after getting elected. If they (the CAQ) sit tight and just do nothing, Couillard will do all the work for them and all they have to do is wait until election day.

Are we the only ones who wondered if Valerie Plante was married? We did a bit of digging and here’s what we came up with:

Plante is a native of Rouyn-Noranda. She met economist Pierre-Antoine Harvey, her husband, at the University of Montreal. She has a degree in anthropology and a master’s degree in museum studies. The couple have two children. Now you know all about our new mayor.

In case you were wondering how bad Hillary’s campaign was run, we’ll give you a peek into the inner workings. Or rather, we’ll give you a peek into a book written by Former interim chair for the DNC Donna Brazile’s encounters with her handlers:

“…the Clinton team were sexist…”They were dismissive. Condescending and dismissive.” She went on to say, “”I felt like it was a cult,” she said. “You could not penetrate them.”

The Clinton team depended on algorithms and dismissed old-fashioned campaigning, going door to door to meet the little people. Going to see the ‘folks’ in Wisconsin was out of the question. Hey, Hillary’s royalty. Even Bill said the campaign managers were totally off the game.

We don’t want to hear from Trump detractors that he is nasty, crude or whatever language you want to use. He’s far from perfect and he’s also the President of the United States of America. Hillary lost and she’s running around shilling for her book, ducking reporters so as not to have to deal with the ‘cases’ she surrounded herself with.

We watch a news show every morning starting at 6:00 am. It’s a bit crazy to get up so early but for the most part the commentary is worth it.

Today, Joe Scarborough said the following: If the shooter in Texas had been Mohammed, the US would be going insane right now. He’s right.

He then noted President Donald Trump’s response to the terrorist attack in New York City last week, in which  an immigrant from Uzbekistan, allegedly killed eight people when he drove a truck onto a bike path.

After that attack, Trump decried terrorism, renewed discussion about the death penalty, called for radical vetting of immigrants and attacked political opponents and America’s judiciary. After Texas? Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

We don’t have the answer to this one except to say again that the twin problem of mental health and guns better be addressed very soon.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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