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Papa Legault Cancels Da Christmas Dinner Pour Les Chum and says He Perfectly Handled Da Pandemic.

Papa Legault has let his ‘chums’ in Quebec down. He cancelled Christmas la. Well, maybe xmas will happen, but les grandes repas – dinners – avec le grandmama, le grandpere, oncle Jean Guy and tante Camélie is kaput. Lose the turkey. 

Of course, Papa Legault doesn’t think he did anything wrong in the past nine months. In fact, when asked what kind of mark he would give himself for handling the pandemic, he said, parfait – perfect. Oh, he said, maybe one mistake by not giving public caregivers a raise. Other than that, mesdames and messieurs- je suis parfait – I am perfect. Seriously? Is that why caregivers are still going from one senior home to another to this minute, passing the virus along as they go?

Here’s a headline mesdames and messieurs – so far every holiday celebrated by every other religion including Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist have been celebrated with just  their immediate families.

Here’s the real deal:  because the majority of Quebecers are catholic Papa Legault wanted to appease them. Suck it up. You’ll live. As we learned, the day comes and the day goes.

Blanche, ever hear of a gruesome twosome? No need to explain, right? So our newest gruesome twosome is AOC – Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and none other than our very own Jagmeet Singh, erstwhile leader of the NDP.

How did these two ‘brilliant minds’ connect? Over a video game. We hope you are not surprised by this because the one thing you cannot call either one of them is a scholar. Tree-hugger-save-the-turtles-and-whales yes. Scholar? No.

They were trying to reach the young people and did so between galactic missions carried out by stubby, spacesuit-clad avatars. Singh and Ocasio-Cortez singing the praises and the importance of universal pharmacare, a living wage, civic decency and rehabilitation over punishment.

How wonderful. How global. How all-inclusive. And in case you were wondering, Singh is married, AOC has a signficant other (Riley Roberts, a gingy).

Planning to fly anytime soon? Best you read this.

The airlines are extolling safety inside the planes because they have heppa-air purifiers. In fact, the air is changed every three minutes or so. No dearies, that’s not your problem.

Your issue is that if someone sitting right next to you on your flight has Covid, the airline will not tell you. Nope. It’s up to you to go online and check to see what flights had people with covid on board. Not a trace of tracing, pardon the pun.

Here’s a public service in case you did fly: check the Public Health Agency of Canada website to see if someone near you was infected. Now don’t you feel good about flying? Here’s some free advice: stay home.

Can anyone ‘splain’ why Justin Trudeau called a national press conference today? To tell us exactly what? That we will be getting maybe 3 million doses of the vaccine, maybe at the end of January but he’s not sure? By the way, 3 million vaccinates 1.5 million people as everyone needs two doses. We already knew this.

What he tried to do is bamboozle us. The press conference was about how they will distribute the vaccine – not when we are getting it. And guess what? This should have been said long, long ago.

You may despise Trump, but we remember during the summer when he had a press conference with the heads of Costco, Home Depot, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy and other big stores to announce where they would be doling out doses of the vaccine. Last summer. Not the beginning of December.

Prince Harry said, and this cannot be an April fool’s joke as we are in December that Covid-19 is a sign of Mother Nature exerting her considerable power over humanity, potentially over our reluctance to address climate change.

Ready for part 2? His wish is for humanity to be the “raindrop that falls from the sky and relieves the parched ground,” addressing ongoing crimes against nature.

Of course all this was not enough. He went further suggesting that COVID-19 should be a wake-up call — a form of “ecological retribution”.

According to Harry, climate change is suffering. Of no care to him is the greater impact of the pandemic… nearly 20 million jobs were lost during coronavirus-related lockdowns, nor the global rise in poverty that accompanied the onset of the pandemic.

Peons. Peasants. Psha. He stands and speaks from his 30 room mansion, flying around on his private jet, driving his massive SUV and complains about climate change? Not one person in the world should take Harry – a misguided spoiled brat – seriously.

One more thing about AOC. Remember she’s a socialist aka Robin Hood. Take from the rich and give to the poor. Free education, free houses, free medical care, free babysitting. Now read this:

She opened an online store where she is selling sweatshirts that say SOCIAL ECONOMIC RACIAL JUSTICE for $65 each. Or you can buy a mug for $27 that says TAX THE RICH.Or how about a Tshirt that sells for $27 and says: Drink Water & Don’t Be Racist.

She’s full of it. Up to her eyeballs.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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