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It appears that the man who caused havoc, terrible injuries and panic in NY’s subway on Tuesday, gave himself up yesterday. He himself called the crime stopper line. Did he think he would get the $50,000 reward? Here’s the call: “You know, I think you’re looking for me. I’m seeing my picture all over the news and I’ll be around this McDonalds… I want to clear things up.” Clear things up?

Sadly, nothing and no one can stop people with mental health issues from doing what this guy did. It’s impossible. He was certainly sane enough to plan the attack in great detail. But that’s where his mental capacity stopped. He either didn’t care if he got caught as he left his backpack behind with all his information or he was too dense to figure it out.

What we don’t get is that he was ranting and raving like a lunatic on his own YouTube channel for years. Where are the censors when you need them? It’s ok to ban Donald Trump but not ok to stop loose cannons like this guy who can really hurt people?

So what is left now aside from him going to prison for the rest of his life? People who were shot, with injuries that may be with them the rest of their lives. And who will remember them?

Certain people in the Quebec liberal party are acting like fools. We speak of those who brought forth the suggestion that students in English CEGEP’s write three of their core exams in French. Now they are amending that and saying the English students take 5 courses in French instead of 3. Guess what? The emperor said no.

These people have to just shut-up. The damage is done and that will be their legacy.

Our last blog was debated by a few people. One was clearly a French Canadian separatist, one, now an adult, was a bill 101 child. Others chimed in.

After giving everything that was written a lot of thought, we came to the following conclusion:  No matter what the issue, it is unhealthy to divide a population. Nothing good comes from it.

If someone pulled you out of a collapsed building, would it matter what language they spoke? If someone called the fire department and then ran into a burning building to save your dog would  it matter what language they spoke? Remember the ice storm here in the late 90’s? Remember how people helped each other – no matter what language they spoke? You get the drift.

Simon Jolin Barrett has many portfolios in emperor legault’s cabinet. Among them, Minister Responsible for the French Language. He has chosen, simply because he has the luxury to do so, to make the lives of his fellow English speaking quebecers miserable in the name of ‘saving the French language in quebec’.

Here’s the catch: He can only make your life as miserable as you allow him to. From anecdotal evidence we can tell you that stores don’t care what you language you speak. Money is money. And here’s another flash: English people try to speak French and French people try to speak English. Mutual respect.

Don’t allow one entitled, self-absorbed politician who will be gone in a few years, destroy our beautiful province.

Just when you thought there was no more humor left in the world, punkt, tweedy bird came to the rescue.

As President Joe Biden was speaking in Iowa on Tuesday, tweedy pooped on his jacket. Plop. Just like that. Of course Biden didn’t notice it, but everyone else did. And of course someone now has a twitter account @poopbiden.

How Hunter Biden is getting away with what he did over the years is a tribute to the left-wing media culture. Had this been Jarrid Kushner, CNN would be covering this more than they are covering the Ukraine-Russia war. And they are covering that war minute by minute.

Hunter Biden is a sleaze bag and his father not only knew it, but benefited from Hunter’s money. It’s out there for all to see on emails and the infamous computer left to be ‘fixed’ in Delaware. Hunter also had personal access to his father’s bank account while his father was the Vice President. He could put money into the account – from who knows where – and take out money for who knows what.

Why can’t this story just come out, full-blown and get it over with? What is the leftist media hiding? That their president is as sleazy as his son?

Elon Musk is looking to take over Twitter because he feels that it is ‘important to the future of civilization’. Talk about ungebluson – which is a Yiddish word meaning full of himself.

While we don’t understand the financial ‘bizziness’ of such a transaction, we know one thing. If Musk gets hold of Twitter be prepared to pay a monthly fee. He gives nothing away for free. Is that what he means by the future of civilization? More money for himself?

Here’s a prediction: Quebec will have a mask mandate for many more months, well after April 30.

The emperor already said that hospitals are filling up. Can we talk?

Could it be that because 945,000 quebecers do not have a family doctor? Could it be that they use the emergency as their family doctor? Could it be that they wait to go even to the emergency because of the insane waiting times and by the time they go they are very sick?

Yes to all of the above. Did you know that Ontario, who has no mask mandate, has less cases than Quebec, with less people in the hospital? Now how does that happen?

Read the previous paragraph. Do not be fooled by the emperor. Ask him to show you statistics that wearing a mask keeps the latest variant away. He won’t because it doesn’t.

The problem here is not the virus. It is the pathetic health care system which he does not utter a word about. Why? Because it’s a lot easier to scare vulnerable people, insinuating that they better wear a mask or they will die.

Here’s a suggestion: The only people who don’t have to wear masks are people with family doctors. So if they get sick they can call their doctor and nip the virus in the bud. All the rest have to wear masks.

Or how about this: open up the health care system to allow people to use private doctors, hospitals etc. That will alleviate the emergency room issue in no time.

Good Shabbos Happy Passover

We’ll talk…

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