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What was interesting about Papa Legault’s presser today was not what he said, but what he didn’t say. Nadda a word about the protests/riots in Montreal taking place well after the 8:00 pm curfew. We’re not sure if Papa Legault knows this, but just because you don’t address an issue doesn’t mean a) it’s not there and b) it’s going to go away.

Our educated guess as to what pushed the buttons of people in their late teens and twenties is when the curfew went from 9:30 to 8:00 pm. Had we been in the dead of winter, there would not be an issue. But we are in the early days of spring when trees begin to bud, crocuses pop up and, most importantly, it’s not dark at 8:00 pm.

For most older folks,  an 8:00 pm curfew is not the end of the world. For young people whose lives revolve around socializing which has been severely curtailed this past year, this is the last straw. Papa Legault pushed one button too many.

There are also many who are saying that these protests are nothing like the red square student protests that brought down the Couillard government in 2012. We beg to differ. Nobody knows what will come from these protests because no one really knows the level of anger of people.

What both have in common is that they are organized purely on social media and so far in different locations each time. We would not be so quick as to dismiss what effect this could have on Legault’s government.

We must say one more thing about this. What’s with the Montreal Gazette burying these protests on page 5? It doesn’t fit in with their negative, keep-the-virus-going mantra? Come on.

Regarding the spreading of the virus, it is well known that huge companies like Amazon, meat-processing plants etc are super-spreaders. How difficult would it be to send in people to vaccinate the workers right then and there? The objective of the vaccines is to help create herd immunity. So make it go faster and address the hot-spots. Unfortunately, bureaucracy is getting in the way of creativity.

Seems people didn’t like Jake Tapper from CNN calling out Canada for having more new Covid-19 cases per capita than the U.S. What’s the issue? Sorry, numbers don’t lie.

Ontario is the worst hit province mainly because they won the prize for the most inefficient province in dealing with the pandemic. It was a surprise to them that they had to have websites ready in March for people to register for vaccines. They only knew about it last June or July.

They are now looking down the barrel of a gun with the Hospital for Sick Children  providing ICU care to adults. About 1,300 patients have been moved to hospitals across the province to handle the onslaught of critical cases. That’s bad.

You can thank Justin Trudeau for our very late start of rolling out the vaccines. FYI – we are still 48th in rolling out the vaccine. AstraZeneca is now only good for people over 55. Johnson and Johnson was recalled today so that leaves us with Pfizer and Moderna for the general population. We can’t manufacture our own vaccines and no matter what you say, we are the at the mercy of the rest of the world.

If J&J proves to be an issue and the US doesn’t use AstraZeneca, we could be in trouble.

Harry and William will walk together behind their grandfather’s coffin on Saturday. One can only hope that these brothers, who went through the worst  are able to work out some of their differences on the heels of the passing of their beloved grandfather.

What’s with the trigger-happy police in the US? Driving while black has become a national disgrace down there. We saw the video of a normal black man going to put gas in his car and how he got pulled over and was grilled and yelled at like he had just robbed the Queen jewels.

We are guessing that some training on how to actually speak to people not white may be necessary. While we are certainly not black people’s protector, it’s a bit odd that a white guy driving the same car and doing the same thing would not have even received a glance from a police officer. But if you are black…watch out.

Here’s one for the books brought to you by someone clearly untouched by the coronavirus. Chrystia Freeland our Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister said the following five days ago: COVID-19 has created ‘window of political opportunity’ to address national child care.

Covid 19 has created a window of opportunity? Let’s see if she would have said that had her salary been cut by 3/4 like all the other plebs who work, shall we say in a restaurant that has been closed for almost a year? Or someone in the concert business or someone who owns a bar, or someone in the sports business.

She sounds like she’s speaking from the Ivory Tower because she is speaking from the Ivory Tower. Out of touch as her boss is. We are guessing she’s the leader in towing the party line. Feh.

We’ll talk…

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