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One has to wonder if the government of Quebec ever heard of the adage that one doesn’t punish the many for the few. One also has to wonder why, for the past, oh, two or three months, they allowed young adults to pack themselves cheek to jowl – clearly with no masks and no social distancing at the weekly concerts on Mount Royal.

They couldn’t figure this out weeks ago?

Now they decide that we are in a ‘red’ zone and no one can have any guests in their house? Now they decide that after restaurants paid thousands of dollars to redo their infrastructure to social distance people they are shut down again? This is what happens when you have a government who can’t get their act together. People are furious with this decision and rightly so.

In the same vein, Premier Legault announced today that they will be using the  tracer app from the federal government to find people who were in contact with someone infected  with covid-19. Blanche, can you imagine that he just realized it would take too long to develop the app here? You can’t make this stuff up. This of course brought to you from the same government who never figured out that people were not answering their phone from the Health Department because the caller ID said unknown caller.  As well, they cannot figure out where the infections are coming from. Bars, restaurants, parks, outdoor events? “We are working on it.” The last round they blamed March break. Well, October doesn’t have a break so what’s the reason now? They think it is house parties, but they are not sure. The ineptness of the Quebec government seems to have no limit.

Remember Pascale Ferrier, the genius dual Canadian/French citizen? The one who tried to send ricin to Trump through the mail? She can’t get bail. No kidding.

Here’s another headline that you won’t be seeing: Canada will not fight for extradition for her. They will gladly allow the US government to prosecute her and pay for her jail time for the next 30 or so years.

Yes dearies, the debate you have been waiting for – or not waiting for – depends on your take – is upon us tonight. Joe Biden will finally go head to head with Donald Trump and neither of them will have teleprompters, which could make the evening rather amusing.

Trump will be some or all of the following: sarcastic, aggressive, belligerent or mocking. Biden will try to remain nice in the face of a master debater, but no doubt will lose it at one point. We very much hope he doesn’t use the word folks. His favorite Bidenisms are: the fact of the matter, here’s the deal or I’m serious.

Harder than being the debaters is being the moderator which Chris Wallace is. He’s an excellent journalist and if anyone can maintain control tonight it is him. If  something untoward happens tonight, we will send out a special Blanche Report. Otherwise, we will review the debate on Thursday.

If Biden can’t hold his own and show some passion, Trump will win the day. There’s nothing in between. Oh yes. There is one more thing. Ya think Trump ‘farbed’ – dyed his hair for the occasion? We’ll be able to tell right away depending on how yellow it is.

Yesterday a two very weird things happened at the same time: Microsoft went completely offline and at 5:00 pm the 911 service all across the United States became inoperational.

Both companies are saying that this was not a cyber-attack. We have our doubts about that. The coincidence is just too in-your-face. People can survive without their emails and team conferences, but 911 is a matter of life and death.

As we predicted, the Democrats are completely off the charts at the new Supreme Court nominee by the name of Amy Coney Barrett. Who is this woman?

Well, for starters she’s the biological mother of five children and the adoptive mother of two children from Haiti. Of course this puts her squarely in the ring with people who think that a) she’s an extreme Catholic and b) she’s using her black children to curry favor with black groups.

The biggest issue in her nomination seems to be Roe vs Wade which protects a woman to choose abortion. Frankly, we don’t think she, nor any of the other Supreme court judges will go near this with a ten foot pole as this was passed in 1973, 47 years ago.

And if you need more proof here it is: Republican presidents have filled nine seats since Ronald Reagan was elected president; nine times the nation was warned that Roe was on the chopping block and the blade never fell.

They are much more upset that Trump is most likely get her onto the Supreme court despite any insane tidbits they are trying to get onto social media.

We’ll talk…

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