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If Anthony Fauci admits the pandemic is over, why is it in quebec they are still holding covid pressers? Why are we hearing the government floating the idea that if Germany can re-impose mask mandates and other draconian edicts, we can do it here?

At this point if people adhere to yet another mask mandate in the fall, well, good luck to you. We are done with the word mandate.

Again we will reiterate: We did what we were told: got vaccinated. We also had covid twice. Most unvaccinated people already got covid at least once. The virus has mutated to a bad flu or cold. Yes, there are those who still get very sick but guess what? There are those who get very sick and die from the flu.

Get a grip and wake up peeps. The only way mandates can work is if you follow them. We are not asleep sheep. It's time to stand up to our incompetent government. And...we don't want to be a lone voice in the wilderness. Get onboard.

It appears that not only is the ArriveCAN app a giant pain you-know-where, it is also not a very good app.

Users complain that the app is not user-friendly and keeps having numerous 'glitches'. The last glitch forced people to quarantine for two weeks upon entering Canada, even though they did not have covid. Welcome to your vacation.

Get this one Blanche: The union representing border services agents estimates about 30 per cent of border crossers cannot complete the app, making sure the long lines at airports and land borders stay very long.

Medical professionals keep telling the government that this app has outlived its usefulness in the government's never-ending, bordering on psychotic fantasy that they are keeping us 'safe'.

As one customers officer said, "We're way beyond short-staffed and spending so much time - which we don't have - dealing with this app makes it almost impossible to do our actual jobs anymore." One has to wonder if any bureaucrat in the government spoke, even once, to those on the ground. We highly doubt it.

Our guess is bureaucrats - paid handsomely by you - sit in board rooms, think things up like ArriveCAN without any consultation to those who have to deal with the results. They just go ahead and implement their fantasy.

Perhaps we should all be emailing our MP's. Anthony Housefather - are you there? Do you know what's going on except from the window of your little office? Are you aware that ArriveCAN has not only outlived its time, but is one of the main causes of the backlogs in airports and land borders? Clearly not.

And finally on this, again we will reiterate to the government: You don't have to keep us 'safe'.

So American basketball player Brittney Griffith has been found guilty of drug possession in Russia and apologized to the Russians and her team mates.

Now she has to apologize to America and Americans for her behavior before she went to Russia. Remember? Taking a knee when the anthem was played etc.

Our guess is that she will be home a few months. While in prison in mother Russia, eating kasha and borsht, she will have plenty of time to contemplate how lucky she was to be able to live in America - free to do the entitled things she did. Hopefully she will still be able know what gender she is, given the woke culture that she clearly loves.

One has to wonder why Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan. What exactly was the point she was trying to prove?

That her plane could fly there? That she was giving the middle finger to China? Or maybe she thought she could get some new clothes very cheap. Doesn't matter. The fallout is going to be very interesting.

It is well known that China can't wait to take a bite out of Taiwan and has wanted to for a very long time. It is also known that because Biden is weak and ineffective, Russia moved into Ukraine at will and is doing whatever they want.

China has been watching all of this and rubbing their hands in anticipation of invading Taiwan. Now that Nancy went there and pushed their buttons, they have a perfect reason to do so. And when they do, they will, as Russia in Ukraine, do as they please.

Maybe Nancy doesn't think there are enough problems in the world and she wanted to add one more. That's the only reason we can figure out for her entitled, self-righteous behavior.

So what do you do at a wedding? Dance? Shmooze with friends? Normal things. There was an arab wedding in Hebron a few weeks ago and to add to the fun palestinians celebrated by shooting at the Jewish community there.

Seriously? Who brought these people up? And why does the world keep giving them money? No need to respond and nothing to say except be happy where you were born.

Yet another poll showing emperor legault is way ahead of anyone else as we get closer to the next election. We will reiterate that while it is very noble to have start-up parties, it is going to divide the english and immigrant vote.

The liberal party is imploding. If they get five seats it will be a lot. Had there not been two other parties aside from the pq, perhaps the conservative party here would have made some kind of impact or small dent in the emperor's seat count. Alas, such is not the case.

As the saying goes, timing is everything and this is just not the time for new parties to siphon and split votes.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...


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