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Robert Mueller was Thrown Under the Bus by Jerrold Nadler et al

When we first started watching Robert Mueller yesterday, we couldn’t quite get a grip on what the problem was. He looked, as every media outlet said, dazed and confused. Over the course of seven hours he must have asked people to repeat their questions well over 100 times.

After some reflection we came to the following conclusions:

There is no doubt that Democrat Jerrold Nadler and his ilk knew very well that Mueller was compromised, to put it nicely. But in their irrational, endless quest to rid the country of Donald Trump, they had no issue sending Mueller, publicly,  under the bus, hoping to get their own personal  aha moment at the same time. Their plan failed miserably.

The person who came out of this fiasco intact is Nancy Pelosi, who keeps saying that her party should be concentrating on the issues, not on impeachment. She’s right. 75% of the population could care less or don’t know a thing about the Mueller report and any ramifications that may come from it.

While some of Mueller’s answers sounded cloudy, as though he never read his own report which he probably did not, a few answers were intelligent. And then a light bulb went on. Aside from often acting  confused,  he can’t hear. He kept turning his head to try to understand the questions being asked.

The Democrats basically forced Mueller to testify when he didn’t want to. Now we know why. Mueller didn’t write the  report and it appears had very little to do with it. At times he mumbled his answers, other times started stuttering. We will be kind and hope it was because he didn’t really hear the questions. All in all, the Hail Mary of the Democrat party was a flop. They are no further ahead than they were before Mueller testified.

And finally…Mueller’s friends are kind to him, but many of them must know what’s really going on. It was sad to see someone of his calibre so publicly diminished.

The Canadian federal election is set to be held on Monday October 21 of this year which coincides with Shemini Atzeret, a Jewish holiday. We will give you the very incredible news and then go to the background:

The Federal Court of Canada has ordered Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perreault to reconsider his decision not to move Election Day from Oct. 21 to Oct. 28, to avoid coinciding with a Jewish holiday.

The background is that in June of this year, Chani Aryeh-Bain and Ira Walfish – the Jewish Conservative nominee for the riding of Eglinton-Lawrence filed suit in Federal Court, disputing the date of the election. Part of their argument was that the pre-election dates are also not good and that puts about 75,000 people at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to voting, a right we all possess. They are asking that the date of the election be moved to October 28, a week later.

B’nai Brith Canada intervened in the application to support the position that Election Day should be moved arguing that operational convenience and cost are not compelling justifications for overriding people’s rights and values.

What is unprecedented is  that the federal courts are challenging the chief electoral officer and his office. Stay tuned. This is not over yet.

Last week, a single mother of two was jogging  in Cambridge, Massachusetts when she was  flashed twice by a man running the other way. Unfortunately for him  he  didn’t know one crucial fact about the 6’1” woman…she was a former soldier in the Israeli army.

The woman  turned around, chased the man down, holding him for five minutes and fruitlessly yelling for help, only to watch him escape when she pulled out her phone and called 911. Got that? No one helped her and no one called 911.

She said in Israel people would have been all over this guy. There are two take-aways from this story: Men who flash their body parts should be very careful who they flash.

The second and more important take-away is that people in the US should stop navel gazing or fantasizing about impeaching Trump and when a woman is holding down a man and yelling for help, get out of their stupor and help her because, the next time, that man or another sicko might go after them or their daughter.

Perhaps Justin Trudeau should take note of this story: Puerto Rico ‘s very handsome, young, well-dressed Gov. Ricardo Rosselló announced his resignation Wednesday, days after demonstrators called for his ouster over a scandal involving leaked private chats, as well as corruption investigations and arrests.

While no one in Justin Trudeau’s orb was arrested, he is eerily like Rossello in many ways. He best watch himself because even if Andrew Scheer doesn’t have a sparkling personality and he doesn’t fire up the masses, he’s an honest guy with no scandals attached to him. And in the end, honest, decent people usually wind up ahead of the game. It may take time, but eventually people get it.

Ilhan Omar cannot keep her mouth shut. Her most recent uneducated statement was broadcast on Al Jazeera.

“I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country. And so if fear was the, the driving force of policies to keep America safe — Americans safe inside of this country — we should be profiling, monitoring, and creating policies to fight the radicalization of white men.”

Imagine if a white man said that their country should be fearful of black or brown men? He would be railroaded outta town.

Now for the correct information: White people account for 45% of the murders in the U.S. That seems high until you consider that white people are over 60% of the population. Black people commit 50% of the murders and constitute 13% of the population.

And herein lies the issue with those four women who think themselves very intelligent. They are continuously spouting either racist or completely erroneous statements.

Blanche, wouldn’t you want to be a fly on the wall when Pelosi and AOC meet tomorrow? Our guess is that the meeting will not go well mainly because AOC will do what she does best – give ultimatums.

Did you ever have something happen to you that at the time seemed awful, but in the end, turned out to be much better for you?

Such is the case with Maxime Bernier leaving the Conservative party to start his own People’s party of Canada. He is polling at 2% of the popular vote and after today’s statement could be down to 1%.

Today he declared that if he were Prime Minister he would build a fence – not a wall – across Canada.

Can we talk? Has he seen the miles and miles of unprotected borders? It is a physical impossibility to build fences to keep people out. Unless of course they were electrified fences which would simply kill anyone who went near them.

The cost of said fences would be paid by OPM – other people’s money. Oh wait. That’s your money. Mercifully Bernier is self-destructing only himself and not taking anyone else with him.

And one more thing. His French accent is so thick it is very difficult to understand him. Can someone give him English lessons? Last we looked, Quebec is the only French-speaking province in Canada and it seems he wants to be prime minister of all of Canada where most of the people speak English. Picky, picky, picky.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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