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Now we know what Justin has been doing the past ten days. Figuring out a way to deflect the public from the inquiry it deserves - finding out if China interfered with our last federal election.

Nobody is fooled. All Justin did was confirm that truly, he is the emperor with no clothes.

Ok. So what is a rapporteur? It is a person appointed by an organization, in this case Justin's government, to report on the proceedings of its investigation and tell us if China did indeed interfere with our last federal election. It also means that whoever looks at sensitive documents must, when presenting their findings to you, redact all sensitive material. That's going to tell you a lot. Not.

Let's back up a bit and start with Justin being 45 minutes late at his press conference yesterday. Arrogance at its finest.

If you want your press conference to air during the 6:00 pm news hour, then call it for then. Don't play juvenile games with other people's time. Calling everyone for 5:15 and then showing up like a prima donna 45 minutes late? Do you know who I am??

Justin didn't call for an inquiry into China interfering with our last federal election. Instead he appointed a 'rapporteur' to look into the 'matter'. That person, as per Justin, is committed to new steps the government will take to combat foreign interference, including additional independent investigations and further steps toward establishing a foreign agents registry.

Combat foreign interference? Just answer the question - did China or did China not interfere with our election.

Here's our take. By the time the 'rapporteur' comes back with something, this story will be old news. And the next time we have a federal election, China will be back, bigger and better than ever and the question will be repeated in the news cycle. Right now you are watching Justin trying to slither, like a snake, out of another scandal.

Our pretty-boy prime minister has become the master spin-master, making even himself dizzy. There needs to be an independent inquiry, led by an independent judge who has no skin in Justin's world. And that peeps, will happen when pigs fly.

We watch all news stations as we feel it is a good thing to know what all sides are saying. In that vein, we watched CNN as they apologized and made a myriad of excuses for transportation cabinet member Pete Buttigieg.

He's a woke, self-indulgent, spoiled adult who is using this position as a stepping stone, or so he thinks, on his path to a presidential run. Can we talk?

Being gay and married with children are the last two criteria to run for president in a normal world. But in the woke-democratic world, it is the be-all and end-all.

Our prediction is that he will never get near a run for president. He would not be able to handle one day of someone shattering his very delicate sensibilities before he quit. We say this because he was unable to take even one sentence of criticism in his handling of what are now not one but two terrible train derailments in Ohio.

We have been hearing Michelle Obama's name bandied around in the last few days. It appears that the back-room boys in the democratic party don't want Biden to run again and for sure they don't want a 'woker' like Buttigieg. If she bites and runs, she wins.

Every single day, thousands of illegal 'political refugees' come into the US via the Texas and other borders. Who is making sure they are vaccinated against covid? No one.

Now get this: The best tennis player in the world - Novak Djokovic - has withdrawn from this week’s Tennis Open at Indian Wells California because his visa application was refused. Why?

He is unvaccinated and Biden still requires everyone to be vaccinated to enter the US.

But wait. Didn't we just say that thousands of people are entering the US daily and are unvaccinated?

This is why nobody will believe anything medical people are feeding the government. If vaccinations are mandatory to enter the US - then they are mandatory for everyone, including people crossing into the US illegally. Otherwise shut up and let Djokovic in.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made international headlines when she wore a white gown scrawled with the words “Tax the Rich” to the star-studded Met Gala in New York in September 2021.

In case you didn't know, that Gala attracts the wealthiest of the wealthiest in New York city and beyond. And this anti-capitalist genius thought she was making a statement wearing a designer-made gown emblazoned with tax the rich?

It turns out AOC - miss robin hood on steroids, paid for nothing to go to this gala. Not for the designer dress, not for the shoes, not for the jewelry, not for the fancy bag, not for her makeup, not for her hair and the piece de resistance not the $5000 price tag for her room at the Carlyle Hotel in NY, which happens to be one of the ten most expensive hotels in that city. When it came to her personal comfort, miss tax the rich had no problem taking money from those rich people she pretends to disdain. Gotcha.

She only paid back everyone from her personal accounts after the House Ethics Committee began an inquiry into the issue in March 2022. An investigation by the Office of Congressional Ethics found she broke the law by accepting all these 'perks'.

This beauty wore a dress that said tax the rich while at the exact same moment she had no problem taking tens of thousands of dollars from the rich to better herself, with no intention of paying any of it back. It doesn't get anymore arrogant and self-serving than this.

We had a conversation with a lawyer who had to take a deep dive into Bill 96 to be able to inform his clients what is in store for them with this bill.

To say the laws associated with this bill are ridiculous is the understatement of the century, not the year. The french language will not be strengthened by what czar legault is proposing. It will however serve to make sure companies either leave or don't come here at all, both of which will considerably lower the tax base.

If you own a company here in the la belle province with over 25 people, all communication - to each other and outside your office must be in french. Never mind that your clients are not here. Never mind that you work online and have nothing to do with french except to buy a coffee in Starbucks - un cafe avec lait. As well, all written communication must be in french and english.

We ask the czar - how is this saving the french language? We will answer that question for him because his ego will never allow him to say the truth: It will not help one iota.

One thing it will do is make very certain that companies who thought to open a satellite office here, which means hiring people, will not do so. They will hear about all the bill 96 bs, then hear about the office de la langue francais idiots and say the following: why are we even having a conversation about going to quebec with all their petty rules? Let's go to Ontario, or Alberta or Vermont or anywhere but quebec.

But here's the kicker: It turns out the biggest high school dropout rate in quebec belongs to his french speaking people. He is creating a society where the big bucks leave and his fellow pure-lainers, who speak french, will be living off social service and welfare forever.

All the while watching Netflix in English. Quite the legacy. And by that time he will be long gone.

If you go to the US government travel advisory website, you will see that many places in Mexico are completely off limits due to the violence there.

This past week, four Americans - who clearly have never heard of that website - drove from North Carolina to Mexico so one of the women could have a tummy tuck for half the price she would have paid in the US.

If you google travel advisory in Mexico, here's what comes up: Violent crime — such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery — is widespread and common in Mexico.

The State Department offers advice for those going to places in Mexico that have long abandoned any law and order: Prepare a will, develop a personal security plan and create a plan with family members for hostage negotiation.

Sadly, two of the four Americans traveling there for that tummy tuck were murdered in a gun shoot out between two gangs. Of the two left, one is in critical condition and the other one seems to be safe. In this case, ignorance is not bliss. It gets you killed.

If you are going to the liberal, save-the whales-defund-the-police democratic state of Oregon, specifically Portland, don't look for a Walmart. They are closing their last two stores there due to a relentless wave of shoplifting. Nearly 600 employees who worked at the two stores face potential layoffs or transfers.

Here's the deal: People where those Walmarts are closing need to shop in Walmart due to its lower prices. Unfortunately, they can't get a handle on policing, the people stealing - both employees and shoplifters. Ergo, everybody is going to suffer.

In the good-morning-america department, the quebec license bureau aka saaq - finally woke up after being in the same tavern as the language police somewhere in the Beauce for the past few weeks.

Seems somebody sobered up long enough to realize their new computer system was a complete disaster. Better late than never.

Opening hours will be moved up in the morning and extended at the end of the day and services will be offered by appointment on weekends.”

The deputy transport minister - who had to cut her Paris trip short to deal with all of this - also said that people will no longer have to wait outside. We wonder if the czar got wind that this story was about to go international and he was going to wind up looking like a buffoon.

Justin - who stayed in that $6000 USD a night penthouse suite in the Corinthia Hotel in London?

Maybe the rapporteur can tell us.

We'll talk...

Happy Purim!

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