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Sesame Street’s Multi-Cultural Obsession. Next Up: Peruvian Sherpas.

Philippe Couillard’s pit-bull, aka ex-health minister Gaetan Barrette is leaving the current liberal party. Here’s a headline and mark the date: He’s not done by a long shot. He’s simply growling, waiting to pounce for the leadership of that party the second the current, fragile and ineffective leader Dominique Anglade decides to bolt.

Anglade may be very smart, put together and ‘gets it’, but she’s black and in la belle province, especially the ‘regions’, that is the kiss of death. She may as well be wearing a hijab because to Papa Legault’s base, anyone not white, roman catholic, french speaking and pure-laine is out. Racist anyone?

One more thing about Barrette. He gained back the over 100 pounds he lost, making him more full of it than ever.

Phew. Everybody can sleep tonight because Sesame Street has introduced an Asian American muppet making the show almost perfectly multi-culturally acceptable, covering most of the visible minorities known to man. Next up: Peruvian sherpas.

The problem is, the new muppet doesn’t look Asian at all. In fact, she looks whiter than white, with big round eyes. The only hint that she may be Asian is that her hair is dark and straight. Stereotype anyone? Maybe the creators of the muppets need to look at a picture of someone of Asian descent to get it right. Just saying.

So who do you think is leading the parade for the Queen to ‘stand down’? If your response was Chuck aka Prince Charles you win the prize. While he’s probably not openly advocating for this, no doubt after waiting it out for 71 years, he must be chomping at the bit to sit on that throne before alzheimer’s sets in and then he won’t know where he is.

Seems Queen Elizabeth’s health is slowly failing – after all, she is 95. Even though she probably never peeled and diced an onion in her life and her diet was perfect, age catches up with even the royalist of royalty.

At least she still has all her marbles for which we are pretty sure she is very grateful for. As did Phil till the end.

Oh no. Vice President Kamala Harris feels frustrated in her job. She has told several confidants that she feels constrained in what she’s able to do politically. And those around her remain wary of even hinting at future political ambitions, with Biden’s team highly attuned to signs of disloyalty, particularly from the vice president.

Here’s a headline: Everybody better start praying that Biden lives for the next 3 years. This is one of those be careful what you wish for moments. As bad as he is, she is off the charts worse.

Seems that she came into this office with baggage – read control freak – which no one wanted to acknowledge.

This is a perfect example of the fact that you may be the smartest chip in the box (which she is not) but if you cannot get along with the people who have to work with you, well…then you belong working in a library with one or two other people where no one has to talk to each other.

To say that she is the second coming to replace Biden is becoming a bigger and bigger stretch.

As long as the conservative party keeps up their in-fighting, Justin Trudeau, our erstwhile prime minister wins the daily lottery.

Yesterday, Conservative Senator Denise Batters launched a petition calling on party members to support a review of Erin O’Toole’s leadership. There’s little doubt that this a move will be the opening salvo of a protracted internal battle.

Seems that Batters and others feel that O’Toole was responsible for their loss in the last election. Here’s a headline: O’Toole may be a nice guy, but he’s not, by a long shot a strong leader. Ok. That’s off the table.  Next item: As long as this party continues to air its dirty laundry in public, the only winner is Justin.

So here is our suggestion: Those who can vote for a new leader go to a hotel somewhere very far away that has no internet connection, lock yourselves up, throw away the key and don’t come out until you either back O’Toole 100% or find a new leader. This in-fighting solves absolutely nothing.

If you want to know about Papa Legault, read about the Herron CHSLD aka old people’s home. That this kind of ‘care’ was allowed to go on for years, that the medical system in la belle province of quebec knowingly allowed defenseless elderly people to be at best taken advantage, at worst – and we see the results – of being abused –  sits on Papa Legault’s lap. His constant going after the Anglos in Quebec is a pure, 100% deflection of what is really happening. To site but one example:

In testimony at a coroner’s inquest into COVID-19 deaths at Quebec long-term care homes, a senior Health Department official said government workers visited CHSLDs during the spring of 2020 to check on conditions. However… – get this Blanche –  no written reports were produced. “The observations that were made during the visits were made verbally,” was the reply to the coroner, who wanted to see details of visits.

How convenient is that? No one ever wrote anything down so no one could be held responsible.

We can tell one thing to Papa Legault’s ‘base’ – if you think he is going to take care of you, living  in his newly coined ‘nation’ of Quebec – think again. Papa Legault is all about power. His power and only his power. And he knows exactly who to prey on to keep that power: his under-educated, rural base and old defenseless people who cannot speak for themselves. He’s disgusting.

We’ll talk…

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