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‘Some People did Something’. Simply a Disgusting Comment.

So Justin finally called the election. We’re not sure why he called it on 9/11 and couldn’t wait one more day to call it today. Wait. Could it be because he only thinks of Justin? 

Seems someone or something a bit higher than Justin got back at him for his lack of compassion because his  private campaign plane was damaged on the very first day. The Liberal Party’s media bus struck the plane Wednesday night, leaving visible damage on the plane’s wing. The plane is not flyable right now. There is some justice in the world.

Who said this and what were they referring to: ‘Some people did something’.

It was Ilhan Omar and she was referring to 9/11 where two planes hit the World Trade Center and a third crashed into the Pentagon and the fourth, which was aimed for Washington, crashed in a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania after its passengers thwarted the hijackers. Remember ‘let’s roll’ – the group of men who tried in vain to stop the hijackers?

3,000 people were killed, over 6,000 injured and since 2001, hundreds have died from inhaling the fumes, dust and other things that day.

Some people did something? If anyone believes that Omar does not hate the United States, they need to leave with her. She’s a blight on North American soil.

Justin Trudeau is not participating in tonight’s Canadian leaders debate. Oh well, he’s just being Justin – running scared into the arms of his darling friend Gerry Butts who will no doubt massage his tender ego.

Eventually Justin will have to stand up on a stage somewhere and open his mouth. What comes out will be very interesting, considering all his gaffs.

And speaking of the Canadian election, the campaign period, unlike in the United States is humane at 40 days. Compare that with the US at two years. If Joe Biden can withstand just the weeding out process, it will be a miracle.

Regarding our election, once it was called, the candidates started putting up their signs. Blanche, did you ever hear of short-man syndrome? That’s where men are short and never got over it, always wishing to be taller, so… they do really odd things.

Anthony Housefather is one such person. Did you see his signs? Could they be any bigger? And there’s something wrong with the signs as when the sun hits them that red color makes him look really goulish.

But we digress. When he’s done with politics we suggest he audition for a role as the joker in a new Batman movie. He’s a dead ringer for the original one.

Thanks to his boss Justin appointing him chairman of the Justice Committee, part of the men’s club that tossed Jody Wilson Raybould out of the Liberal party, he was able to fulfil the joker role in real life as that committee was one big joke. Oooh Blanche, that’s a good one.

Heads up all you southerners: There could be another hurricane heading your way. For some reason, this one doesn’t have a name yet, simply being called 95L.

Forecasters are watching it carefully and if it looks like it’s going to maybe, just maybe hit Florida, you can be sure that this time the residents are not leaving so fast. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake it stays over the ocean, as unorganised storms.

Blanche, ya gotta feel bad for the people who live and work in the borough of NDG-CDN. Their very special mayor, Sue Montgomery, is of the opinion, as we have written here before, that cars are a blight on the world. Love that word blight. 

As such, here’s what she posted today on her Facebook page: NEW! Bollards on Fielding, a bike lane with protected zones on Notre-Dame-de-Grâce: we are making active transportation safer and more enjoyable.

Active transportation? What is that? Active for who? Certainly not her senior citizens. Certainly not for people with any kind of handicap. And certainly not for people with normal jobs who have to get to work without looking like they ran an olympic marathon.

This mayor represents many politicians who never leave their cushy offices, create havoc for their constituents, and then only listen to like-minded friends. Listen to those who don’t ride bicycles to work, to school, to pick up their groceries, laundry, children or elderly parents? Pshah. Who needs those carbon-polluting people anyway? Useless. Let them sniff gas.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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