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Some People’s Brains are Like the Bermuda Triangle. Information Goes In and Is Never Found Aga

So you’re sitting on a train during your vacation minding your own business and looking out the window when all of a sudden a man starts shooting people. What do you do? Hide under your seat and get shot for sure or take him on. Three Americans, an airman, a National Guard member and their friend tackled this lowlife, beat the daylights out of him and no doubt saved the lives of many people on that train. They were aided by a French-American academic wound up in a hospital from a nasty gunshot wound.

The first guy nearly got his thumb cut off as the arab, who had earlier watched a violent jihad video on phone, had a box-cutter along with his guns. Of course their training led them to intervene nonetheless they are, in the true sense of the word, heroes.

Here’s the wake-up call: We are all on the front line. It is 100% impossible to catch every gun-owning loser watching a jihad video who wakes up one day and decides to mimick what he just watched. If you see something say something has become if you see something DO something. Chilling. We can tell you one person who is wildly happy today: Stephen Harper. Why you ask? Well Blanche, because the Duffy trial was adjourned until mid-November, a month after the federal election.

Harper took a shot that two weeks of the Duffy trial at the beginning of a long election campaign will fade into the background once it is adjourned. He’s most likely correct. While people don’t really like the Senate and feel it is a total waste of money, it’s low on the public’s totem poll of election issues.

One of the suburbs here in Montreal has come up with the mother-of-all plans. Once you read it you will most likely agree that they either have way too much money on their hands or someone, shall we say indelicately, smoked a joint before going to a council meeting.

They plan on putting cameras in garbage trucks to make sure people only throw out the ‘right’ garbage. We thought of a few interesting scenarios on this one but the best by far is the following: Ya hate your neighbor and want to get back at him. So in the middle of the night you plant the wrong garbage in his bin and the cameras see it. He’ll get fined and who knows what else. If this sounds idiotic, it’s not as bad as the idea itself.

Thank goodness PKP – Pierre Karl Peladeau, leader of the infamous parti quebecois has opened his mouth again. We thought for a while that he had nothing more to say. Phew. The more he opens his mouth to speak, the further down he takes the bloc quebecois running for some Federal seats and the further down Gilles Duceppe its leader falls.

So what were PKP’s pearls? An independent Quebec would seek to recover its share of national assets such as CF-18 fighter-bombers and Canadian Coast Guard ships. He further added that a sovereign Quebec would also want its share of Canada Post offices and ownership of other federal infrastructure such as bridges. Really now. Wait. It gets better.

He reiterated the idea of an independent Quebec army and said he will open a special institute designed to study independence.

The kicker is…the question of what Quebec is owed from Canada which will be studied by the independence institute.

Anyone remotely thinking of coming here or opening a business has to have their head examined. This airhead better be the last in a long line of flat-line losers bringing down our wonderful province with them.

Whatever truce Donald Trump had with Fox news is over. Last night he went over the line when he said that “The bimbo (Megyn Kelly) is back in town . I hope not for long .” There had seemed to be some kind of truce between Fox and Trump but that totally evaporated last night. He crossed some kind of imaginary line that Fox drew and they are now gunning for him.

Although Trump is really not afraid of anyone, he may find himself on the defensive for the next while. We still believe that the suited, tight-tie board-room republicans are getting ready to do themselves in if he goes much further with his campaign. Unfortunately for them though, John Q. Public is quite liking the brutal honesty with which Trump speaks. Looks like we are in a war of words.

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