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Good Morning. After we closed the television around 12:45 am, we switched to the radio, so here and there we caught some sleep. We will send a blog out this morning, and if a winner is decided, another one later. Our guess is that we may not know until tomorrow.

Of all the things to focus on even before a winner is decided, the main one is that like him or hate him, people believe that Trump has a message. Had they not believed that, they would not have voted at all and just stayed home. He is a terrible speaker, he makes completely outrageous statements, his hair is ridiculous, but, like it or not,  he’s connecting with the people. Otherwise, Biden would have won with the big margins his pollsters had predicted.

Summary thus far:

The pollsters and media talking heads got it wrong yet again. As of this moment, they are all still trying to figure out how Biden can win. Not how either Biden or Trump can win.

CNN, MSNBC and even Foxnews best take a long, hard look at themselves. It used to be that people who reported the news did just that – they reported the news. Today, all those talking heads give their opinion and try to convince you that your opinion should be the same as theirs. Or, even worse, that your opinion makes you look uneducated or that you just are not ‘getting it’. They are dead wrong and the people who voted for Trump have shown them that.

It’s not only the white, polyester-clad, stringy haired female Walmart greeter with a grade nine education who voted for Trump. So did university educated people. So did Hispanics. So did white suburban women.

People want the police to take care of them, not have police departments defunded. People want to earn a decent living, have a roof over their heads and put food on their table. Not have shrieking women like AOC chase away Amazon and hundreds of jobs. People don’t want the entire US economy shut down to try to stop Covid.

US voters actually have  brains.  They see that Biden is an old man. While he may indeed be the next president, will he be able to be in the White House for 4 years? Or will we have to deal with Kamala Harris who is not such a likeable person, to put it mildly.

The democrat party needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror and stop telling people what they should be thinking or doing or how they should be living. They need to stop and look at what Trump has that they don’t, because he is clearly connecting with at least half of the population.

We’ll talk…

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