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Both the federal and provincial governments are busy with edicts: hotel quarantines, curfews, don’t travel, no guests, keeping restaurants shut, do this, don’t do that – we don’t have to elaborate.

Our question is this: Now that we have had covid and been vaccinated – as tens of thousands have – what is the protocol from the government? It should be if we have been vaccinated and had covid and/or been vaccinated  we should be able to start living normally again. Such is the case in Israel and England.

Here? Not a word from anyone except to keep harping about the variant. Can we talk? There will be variants on the variants. Exactly how long are they going to keep us locked up? If they continue in this vein, there is literally no end in sight.

Our suggestion is to allow those who have been vaccinated entry to restaurants etc, have other people who have been vaccinated in their homes and basically start living normally. Simply create an app that people have on their phone that can be shown when needed.

Perhaps  Canada’s health minister Patty Hajdu can contact Israel’s health minister and ask how they did it. It will save time, money and people’s mental health. Blanche – you are dreaming in technicolor.

If you have not heard, the EverGiven, which is part of the Evergreen chain of container ships, has been freed from the Suez Canal. It will take about a month or so to clear up the backlog of ships waiting to get through the canal.

There was, pardon the pun, the perfect storm of issues that caused the accident. Now get this: In the last week, a number of travesties have plagued Egypt – all since it was announced 22 mummies would be transferred to a new museum, including the remains of King Ramesses II.

Shortly after news of the transfer, the megaship became stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking the major shipping route in both directions for almost a week. Many are blaming an ancient curse believed to be inscribed on Tutankhamun’s tomb, which reads “Death will come on quick wings for those who disturb the king’s peace.”

Take it or leave it but everyone can thank the super moon which created a super tide which allowed that ship hosting almost 20,000 containers to be unstuck.

Back to the pandemic for a minute. Is anyone following the never-ending AstraZeneca saga? First it’s people over 65 who shouldn’t take it. Now it’s people between 45-55 who shouldn’t take it. The kicker here is that the government ‘can’t understand’ why people don’t want to take that particular vaccination. Really? We took it when it was 65 and over. The frequency of people who had blood clots was less than miniscule.

The trouble now is that the age of not taking it keeps changing and that spooks people. It’s no secret that governments don’t want to take it off the market, but they soon may have no choice as people are refusing it at vaccination centers and then not returning to take any vaccine. Yet another fiasco brought to you by the Liberal government.

Cancel culture is the new buzzword. Goes with the woke culture. We are guessing it is being propagated by the same age group that wants zero risk in their lives and therefore are over the top,  falling off the cliff, holding on by their fingernails nervous about Covid-19.

The latest book to be cancelled is called Captain Underpants. It is a series of books (and Netflix movies) for kids with one thing in mind: giving a younger generation a graphic novel they could follow and enjoy. And, for the most part, that’s exactly what happened.

So why did the cancel culture cult weep and and howl that their sensitive feelings had been hurt? Because one of the books ‘perpetuates passive racism’.

The book The Adventures of Ook and Gluk Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future is about cavemen Ook and Gluk, who travel from the past to 2222 for help in saving their world from an evil time-traveling corporation. In the future, they meet Master Wong, a martial arts instructor who trains them in kung fu so they can travel back to their time and save their world.

We’re guessing kung-fu and Master Wong are the problem. In this case, the author is groveling to the sniveling woke culture, apologizing for hurting their feelings.

The adults pushing the woke or cancel culture are not adults at all. They are spoiled, entitled children masking as adults. Good luck to them. They may be able to get rid of Dr. Seuss and the Kung-Fu Cavemen, but as many tantrums as they can throw won’t get rid of the pandemic.

Finally someone in the Canadian Senate with a brain. Senator Claude Carignan has moved to table a private member’s bill that would financially cut off any future governor general who leaves the job for non-medical reasons before the end of their five-year mandate. Why?

Because ladies and gents, you will be paying our ex-governor general Julie Payette for many, many, many years to the tune of nearly a $150,000 annual pension plus a lifetime expense program of up to $206,000 per year. Your tax dollars at work.

She did not do the job she clearly hated, was essentially fired and will now be compensated handsomely for the rest of her life. And, you can thank Justin Trudeau for all of this. Remember it when you go to vote for him in the next election.

Denis Coderre finally formally announced that he will be running for mayor of Montreal. “I’m a changed man.” You bet he is. He lost 120 pounds, an entire person. We are guessing that he hopes the person you think he lost was the arrogant, pompous ex-mayor of Montreal.

You know, the one who put lights on the Jacques Cartier bridge to the tune of $48 million, or fake tree stumps for another gzillion dollars or maybe the footpath leading from the top of Peel to who knows where.

People voting for mayor of Montreal now have two choices -Valerie Plante who is arrogant or Denis Coderre who is arrogant. Very special.

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