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The Blanche Report: Bullies, Cowards & Pickpockets

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and the motto of the day is shop till you drop. Something is wrong with this picture…

Here in la Belle Province of Quebec the hits just keep on coming. Just when you thought  – what else could happen – the stuff hit the fan again.

Bernard Drainville scheduled to a debate at Concordia today. About two hours before the event he got wind that there would be some kind of demonstration (no kidding) and he feared for his security. His ministry called Concordia asking that they guarantee nothing would happen. Who exactly can guarantee 100% security? No one unless you are a seer. So Drainville cancelled.

Did Drainville and his missives think that if they booked a debate in an English speaking university in the English speaking part of Montreal that people would line up like sheep to bow down to him? Did they think that no one would show up protesting the most racist bill in the history of our country? The lack of foresight is simply staggering.

Drainville is a bully and fits in with all the other bullies he works with. That was shown perfectly today when for half a  second he thought he might actually have to fight for what he believes in. As all bullies do, once confronted, they back down. One more thing. We think that Drainville should walk around with a turban or kippa for a few weeks. Or better – let his wife walk around with a hijab. He’ll quickly understand what lack of security means. What complete and total losers – the whole bunch of the them.

The English Montreal School Board became the second major institution to stand against the proposed charter of values when it passed a motion Wednesday stating it has no intention of implementing a ban on the wearing of religious symbols by public-sector workers. They,   like the Jewish General Hospital, have kahoonas.

On the other hand Suzanne Stein Day, speaking for the The Lester B. Pearson school board, largest English school board in Quebec said: “There’s nothing worse that I would have to do than to tell an employee they can not wear a hijab or a kippa. I can’t imagine ever having to do that, and I will go to every length to avoid that, and to jeopardize a great teacher we may have in our school for silly, silly reasons like this.” Shut up.

If there’s nothing worse that firing someone for wearing a kippa or hijab, then take a stand and don’t be a coward! Such people do not belong in positions of authority if they are afraid to dispense authority. Ach…

How many times have we told you – quit your job and go work for the government. Yet another bureaucrat had his hands in your pocket – kind of like the ultimate pickpocket. It seems that Charles Lapointe the now ex Montreal Tourism chief,  has given the new mayor of Montreal his first major migraine.

Mr. Lapointe’s base salary was $398,000 – higher than the highest paid bureaucrat in the Quebec government. When he resigned or his ‘term’ was up, he gave himself a nice little severance package: 2 years salary totally $654,000. Nice eh?

Wait, it gets better. He claimed a $10,800 annual automobile allowance when Tourism Montreal was already furnishing him a car and chauffeur. He sometimes paid four times the government’s permitted price for hotel rooms on business, was once reimbursed twice for the same conference expense and was refunded $39,700 in meal expenses without explaining the purpose of the dining.

Lest you be shaking your head we have even worse news. There is no end to this as we have the highest number of bureaucrats in North America who all think that your money is their money. Stay tuned for more of them float to the top of the water like dead fish.

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, is the busiest shopping day of the year. For our part, that would be the one day we would stay out of the stores. It’s the Canadian in us – we don’t like hordes of people breathing down our neck. Things however are getting out of hand as many stores opened today – Thanksgiving – getting a jump on Black Friday.

That means people did not celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. Rather they ran like lemmings to buy presents for the next holiday or had to serve the lemmings.

How about this: Preserve Thanksgiving for families. Close all the stores until the day after at noon. That way the everyone gets to celebrate with their families. Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts have already banned stores from opening on Thanksgiving. It’s time other states woke up and stopped worshiping the almighty dollar.

Notre Montreal! Let’s Take Back Our City!!! Happy Chanukah and Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

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