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The Blanche Report: The Article, The Ship & The Winner

If you read nothing else for the next week, please paste this link into your browser and read Matthew Friedman’s article. It is simply a masterpiece. No words that we can use will do it justice. Bravo!

The McGill University Health Centre is the latest group to denounce the Marois government’s proposed Charter of Quebec Values.  Jean Francois Lisee stated today that groups cannot simply opt out of this charter, as they seem to be doing. Um, the government is going to have a big problem on their hands when the entire city opts out, which is slowly but surely taking place. What exactly are they going to do?

While this debate is bringing out small-minded bigots from under their little rocks, it is also  bringing together religious groups and diverse peoples who would normally have nothing to do with each other. Once it disappears – and with G-d’s help it will –  we hope that people will still be as tolerant of each other as they are now. Not only is gun control a huge issue in America, so is mental health. The man who murdered 13 people yesterday recently told police that he heard voices coming through walls and that he was being followed by individuals who were using a “microwave machine” to send vibrations into his body that kept him from falling asleep.

He was obviously deranged and should have been given some kind of help at the very least and hospitalized at  best. Instead he got his hands on a sub-machine gun and killed innocent people. The system in the United States – from top to bottom – needs a complete overhaul. Unfortunately, they are not getting it anytime soon with Obama at the helm. The Costa Concordia has risen from the reef near the shore of the Island of Giglio in Italy. It took almost 24 hours to do it, but they were successful. May we suggest that you google the words costa concordia and watch in time lapse (about 2 minutes) how the ship was righted. Fascinating.

We are definitely not a fan of beauty pageants. They somehow bring out all the wrong messages, no matter how well the contestants answer their ‘skill-testing’ questions, usually in pretty skimpy bikinis. Given that, they do exist and someone has to win.

Two days ago, the winner of the Miss America pageant was a native American from Syracuse New York, born to Indian immigrant parents. After she won, twitter went crazy with these kinds of tweets:  Congratulations Al-Qaeda. Our Miss America is one of you. She was wrongly referred to as a muslim, Arab, Egyptian and blamed for terror attacks. Maybe princess pauline should be taking her charter of values to America. Seems they already follow much of what she is espousing.

In case you were wondering William and Kate have resumed some of their royal duties. Don’t worry, Prince George will be well taken care of. They picked the nanny that William had when he was a baby. Cute, eh? Guess she was good. If you thought Hillary Clinton lost her voice you can rest easy – she found it.  After an eight-month hiatus, the former Secretary of State and likely 2016 presidential candidate sat down with New York Magazine for her first major interview since leaving the State Department last February. The interview will be online Monday. Something to look forward to Blanche? Don’t think so eh? We gotta git dat princess to start talkin so she kin put her foot in her mouth. Den we won’t havta hear from her ever again.

Happy Sukkos and Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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