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The Dumbest Nut in the Toolbox

With friends like these, who needs enemies. The woman by the name of Omarosa who was booted out of the White House was rather busy while she was working for Trump. Busy in a really nasty way as she was secretly recording conversations with the president, which she has since used to promote her book Unhinged.

She may think that Trump is unhinged but we have a headline for her: She’s also unhinged and a real low-life to do what she did. She’s also one of the dumber nuts in the toolbox as no one will touch her with a ten foot pole after this whole fiasco ends. While she may make some money on her book, which is highly doubtful, no one will ever trust her again.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the woman from New York who beat the potential speaker of the house to be the democratic primary candidate is learning what it’s like to lose. She’s another genius who is one fry short of a happy meal.

She was campaigning for Abdul El-Sayed (whose real name is Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed) who was running for governor of Michigan and Fayrouz Saad in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. Can we talk?

Does she think that Americans are ready to elect Mohammed or Fayrouz to anything? Cortez is a socialist and is finding like-minded socialists to run for office. Here’s a tip: Move to Venezuela or Honduras or Syria or Cuba. All would welcome her with open arms, and she would be able to support Mohammed and anyone else who thinks like she does.

Last we looked, America is a capitalist country. They have no interest in socialism. Here’s something that perhaps Ms. Cortez doesn’t know: In Saudi Arabia women are allowed to drive but they still need male supervision for many daily activities such as going to school or opening a bank account. This Cortez woman should kiss the free ground she walks on. Madame Chyrsta Freeland, who we told you was not the best negotiator, to put it mildly, has gotten Canada into a major jackpot.

Everyone agrees that Saudi Arabia has serious human rights issues. But to out the young Sheik running the country publicly in a tweet is, shall we say, less than an intelligent move. He’s already having to prove himself inside the country and a public embarrassment is the last thing he needed now. He will no doubt make Freeland and Canada pay dearly to prove his power.

If Freeland is taking her cues from Donald Trump’s tweeting acumen, she’s even dumber than we ever thought. If Canada was not happy with human rights issues in Saudi Arabia, there are diplomatic channels to get their point across.

There are about 400 Saudi Arabian residents in hospitals in and around Montreal who will be leaving. Who exactly will replace them in the hospitals?

Freeland has less than zero leadership from Trudeau. He’s happy to deal with gender equality and human rights issues and seems not to know what the results of his actions are. He’s like the older drivers who are oblivious of their surroundings. They just keep moving ahead causing havoc all around them.

Good luck to those who voted him into office. Keep us posted next time you go to the emergency and have to wait hours because the residents were kicked out of the country. Your tax dollars at work.

In the past couple of days, Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets into Israel. The towns near the Gaza border and other cities close to the borders are getting hammered. The infamous United Nations had this to say: “We are deeply alarmed by the recent escalation of violence between Gaza and Israel, and particularly by today’s multiple rockets fired towards communities in southern Israel. We call on all sides to step “back from the brink” and restore calm.

Does the UN and its representative live on Mars? Who started firing? Not Israel. Who has tunnels to try to get into Israel? Not Israelis, they are already there. Who doesn’t care if their women and children are used as shields? Not Israel.

How about this: The UN should concentrate on the people starting what could soon escalate into a war. And it’s not Israel.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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