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The Gruesome Foursome have Forgotten that Trump is the Button-Pusher-In-Chief.

As a supporter of Donald Trump, we feel that what was said at last night’s rally – send her back – may not end well for him. He should have kept to his message, painting Omar and her gruesome foursome as  socialists. That message resonates with his base and frankly, many other Americans. 

What we can’t believe, and still don’t, is that that gruesome quartet did not know that something would happen at one of Trump’s rallies.  Those women  are looking for and will take whatever attention is tossed their way.

Here’s a headline they didn’t bargain for: They are not only baiting Trump, they are baiting many other people who are very angry with them.

They are trying to undermine the very soul of the United States and that, without Trump’s new chant, would rile veterans and other patriotic and frankly many Americans. They are playing a very dangerous game with the essence of what they are trying to prove still unclear…unless they are trying to defeat Trump which, if they keep up said game, will fail miserably.

Given all of the above, what Trump did last night was start making people feel a bit of pity for the gruesome foursome and he should stop now while he still can.

We have taken Jerrold Nadler to task here more than once. As the Jewish Democrat House Judiciary Committee Chairman, he bears some responsibility to both the government of the United States and the Jewish people. Like it or not, both come with the territory.

As Democrats,  the majority party in the House of Representatives, one of the things they are trying to do is remove all traces of G-d from the government.

When swearing in witnesses for congressional hearings, they are asking people if they will tell the truth, the whole truth etc and omitting so help me G-d.

The main and most vociferous voice in this elimination is none other than Jerrold Nadler.

One committee member stopped a procedure and remarked that so help me G-d was left out of the swearing in of a witness. The chairman of this particular committee (not Nadler) arrogantly said that he didn’t think it was necessary to invoke G-d’s name. The member retorted that this has been part of the founding of the nation for over two centuries.

Nadler then piped up saying ‘we do not have religious tests here’. What? Religious tests?  Remember what’s in the Declaration of Independence? One nation under G-d. Without G-d, there is anarchy. The bedrock of the foundation of the United States is being challenged by none other than a Jew. How sad and pathetic.

Ilhan Omar, one quarter of the gruesome foursome who think themselves very important people, has reached a new level of spewing hatred. Never mind that she despises America, she wants Israel wiped off the map.

She is reportedly preparing to introduce a pro-Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) resolution in the House of Representatives. Lest you not forget what the BDS movement is, we will remind you: It is a deceptive, deeply anti-semitic ruse with the ultimate intention of  destroying Israel.

She continues to taunt Trump, Jews and the United States. She’s pushing the envelope too far and it will not end well for her. Again we say: If she’s so unhappy living in the United States, so unhappy with their policies, flag, anthem, the country in general, Trump is correct. Leave.

Get to know this name: Scherie Murray. She is a New York businesswoman who immigrated from Jamaica as a child, is active in state Republican politics and is launching a campaign for the congressional seat held by  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Her main theme:  Instead of focusing on the people she represents, AOC is focusing on being famous. Mainly by rolling back progress and authoring the job-killing Green New Deal and killing the Amazon New York deal. Stay tuned.

Justin Trudeau is on the-mother-of-all apology tours. He’s saying sorry for all the mistakes his government has made while he was Prime Minister. As though that’s going to erase what happened.

He’s sorry for for his charge across the aisle to break up some tomfoolery in the House of Commons in 2016. He said “sorry” after his vacation with the Aga Khan was found to have violated conflict of interest laws. He has said he should have known about the “erosion of trust” between his office and Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Is he also sorry for giving Omar Khadir $10 million of your money? Is he sorry for going to India and looking like Mr. Dressup instead of a Prime Minister? Is he sorry for throwing Vice Admiral Norman under the bus, putting him and his family through he.l and back and then pretending nothing happened?

Our guess is that he’s trying to get this all out of the way before calling the election. Not going to work. He made so many ‘mistakes’ that his nickname is Joe Biffelstick.

Blanche, you don’t know who Joe Biffelstick is? He was a cartoon character in Al Capp’s Lil Abner who walked around with a black cloud over his head. The black cloud symbolizes all the bad luck that goes where Joes goes. Wherever Joe went mayhem went too. Sounds like Justin, eh?

A final note on the Trump-gruesome foursome.

President Trump is not a politician. He doesn’t care if he is PC – politically correct. In fact, he likes to push people’s buttons as he knows, for the most part, it either ends well for him or he deflects another issue.

The gruesome foursome is pushing Trump’s buttons but because they are so busy with themselves, they are forgetting  that Trump is the button-pusher-in-chief.

He will win this war because a) he’s the president and has way more power than they do and b) the quartet are not liked by their own constituents. They may make a lot of noise but if that noise doesn’t translate into re-election, they will be left in the dust in a very short time.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk

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