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The Kielburger Brothers Make Mother Theresa Look Nasty.

We watched the Kielburger brothers testify. Blanche, those two brothers make the word nice look like a dirty word. They are the nicer than nice, smoother than smooth and slipperier then slippery. A perfect combination for Justin who has all of the same qualities plus he was a drama teacher ergo he’s also a drama queen.

These two boys make mother Theresa look nasty. It’s their tone of voice. So, so sweet, like dripping honey and never, ever raised. Always even keel aka ‘kiel’burger. As per their testimony, nothing but nothing was out of order with their WE charity including the fact that they were given $1 billion to distribute and would get close to $50 million for doing so. Everything was above board including the fact that Margaret Trudeau was reimbursed $167,944 on top of $312,000 payment.

Can it be  that everything we have been reading in the media is completely wrong?  Or,  are they the biggest fraud artists we’ve seen in a long time? One thing is certain, they were well prepared for the questions including wasting about 2-3 minutes of each 5 minute question section with editorials or being slightly off topic of the question. Slippery.

This one is for the books. As it copes with claims of staff mistreatment and controversy over how its office is run, Rideau Hall has hired Brigitte Carbonneau to help manage and to ensure “deadlines and quality standards are met for all documentation related to Governor General Julie Payette. Carbonneau has more than 25 years of experience in senior leadership at Cirque du Soleil.

Can we talk? We are now paying a glorified babysitter for someone who cannot do her job. Get rid of Julie Payette. She’s inadequate and unable to be the Governor General.

If you listen to some of the more left media, you would think that everyone in Portland and other cities being held hostage by ‘protesters’ on a nightly basis are unhappy that Trump is sending in help. Think again. You’re not getting the full story. Quel surprise.

Minneapolis residents have begun patrolling their own neighborhoods. The police there are 100% behind the residents as long as the they don’t set up autonomous zones like the recently abolished one in Seattle. Imagine if the police departments were ‘defunded’? Never mind. Don’t imagine.

Montreal’s illustrious mayor, Valerie Plante rid downtown of over 800 parking spaces, made streets impassible due to the creative, useless cosmetic construction she insisted on doing and making bike lanes rule the streets.

The result of her handiwork is already visible. Nobody is going downtown. The streets and stores are deserted. So empty in fact, that she’s begging people to come back downtown. Oh really?

Has anyone been to Philips Square recently? It looks like a war-zone in Afghanistan before anyone cleaned up the mess. And the rest of St. Catherine is not any better. She has single-handedly destroyed what was a beautiful city.

Her timing was also completely off. After stores have been closed for four months due to COVID-19, she still dug her heels in and said Montreal will become a bicycle city. Here’s a headline to pass onto her:

You have no skin in the game. You get your yummy salary and pension whether or not people shop and whether or not stores close by the dozens.

And guess what even a five-year old knows? People on bikes are not stopping to shop in stores. They are whizzing by, oblivious of the economic havoc you, as perhaps Montreal’s most incompetent and self-serving mayor have caused. Ms. Plante, your legacy will be the worst of any mayor Montreal has ever had, including Jean Drapeau.

Does $73,000 sound like a lot of money? It does to us. However, if you are one of the entitled people who work for Justin Trudeau, it’s pocket change. Health minister Patty Hadju traveled from Ottawa to her home in Thunder Bay Ontario during the covid-19 crisis. It’s definitely a long drive – 15 hours.

But get this dearies…while she was strictly advising everyone against non-essential travel, this babe was flying back and forth on a private jet, on your dime no less,  to be with her family.

The cost: $1400 per hour. The amount she traveled: four times over six weekends, including Easter weekend during the absolute height of the lockdown.

Blanche, how could she not be home with her family on a holiday? What? Elderly people had to be home all alone as did everyone else? Never mind. Who cares about the plebs when you’re entitled?

Last week, Quebec’s new health minister flexed his muscles. Instead of calling a press conference, he sent out a press release aka edict,  saying the following: As of August 3, Quebecers can have gatherings of 250 people. Boom. Just like that we went from 50 to 250.

The only restriction is  houses of worship where people cannot ever take off their masks. That’s also very special. Imagine sitting for a service of two and a half hours in a mask? But we digress.

Now get this: On Monday, Hong Kong reported 142 new local coronavirus cases and banned all dine-in services at restaurants and public gatherings of more than two people not from the same family beginning immediately. Keep reading:

As of today, there were 168 cases of the virus in Quebec, with the numbers creeping up daily.

So you figure it out. Quebec’s health minister says we can now have 250 people in one place while our numbers are higher than Hong Kong. Time will tell who the most incompetent people are, but our bet is that it will be the geniuses here in la belle province.

We’ll talk…

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