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The Mother-of-All Press Conferences

People may not like Donald Trump but yesterday, during his press conference with Bibi, he made sense. He doesn’t care if peace in the middle east means a one or two-state solution as long as there is peace. He’s not there to impose his own ideas or ideology.

Blanche, remember when we said there are no such people as Palestinians? As per one of the women we most admire, Golda Meir… “Palestinian” identity is a shallow political veneer that developed in response to Zionism, that it serves today as a hostile tool kept sharpened for use against Israel, and that Palestinian Arab culture is, at most, a “dialect” of a larger Arab culture.

As Bibi said yesterday, ‘peace’ will come when arabs in the Middle East acknowledge the permanent existence of Israel. One can only wonder how any peace talks ever took place when one side believes the other should cease to be. Boggles the mind. You may not like Trump, but he’s pragmatic, if nothing else.

A new poll came out today showing Trump has a 55% approval rating. Contrast this with Time magazine’s cover – a picture of Trump with his tie and hair flying, papers flitting away. The headline: Nothing to See Here.

Blanche, can we talk? Try as they may, the left wing media is not going to win this one – for one simple fact: Trump is in the White House holding all the cards and they are not. Pitting the media against the president is not going to help them win the next election either.

Aside from George Soros funding different left-wing organizations, the Democrats are leaderless. Better they spend time looking inward than wasting valuable days and months trying to make the public think Trump is not a suitable president.

In case you were thinking of supporting Kellie Leitch to head the conservative party, may we suggest you think again.

This week she posted a pretty nasty picture. The background depicted the shooting of soldiers either in Ottawa or Quebec. Superimposed on that was a woman in a hijab. She’s slightly unhinged to post something like that on her Facebook page. Someone a lot smarter than her told her to take it down, which she did. Nothing more to say here, eh Blanche?

The sub-headline on the Montreal Gazette’s online newspaper reads:The Charter of the French Language allows for bilingual traffic signage for safety, so why is the Quebec government looking the other way? No kidding.

This is not the first time we are writing about this and cannot fathom why serious road signs, which if not understood by tourists could kill them, are only in French. This is what is going to save the French language? Telling someone that there’s a road closure up ahead?

We have an idea. Blanche, send the bureaucrats who make these pea-brained decisions to China without a translator. Then give them a car and tell them to get from one city to the next. Our guess is that they wouldn’t take the keys and run the other way.

So why is it ok to post signs only in one language – en Francais – so that Billy-bob and Mary Joe along with their children Star, Pinky and Goober from Alabama don’t understand a word?

Enough snow for you Blanche? Our city looks like one giant marshmallow. Too bad the city can’t keep up with the cleaning.

Did you try getting from your car to the sidewalk? We did and felt like we were in the Olympic fence jumping competition. Try as we might, we just couldn’t be graceful. In fact, all we could think of was not falling face down on the sidewalk. Now that would have quite the sight. In the end we won the gold medal for jumping off the mountain in one piece.

Remember Kim Jong-un’s half brother who was killed in a Malaysia airport? Well, they caught both of the women who did the deed. Turns out one of them was wearing a t-shirt with LOL on the front. This is truly a case of who has the last laugh. Of course the half-bro is on ice but these ladies have also just ended their lives. We hope they don’t think that Kim Jong is coming to rescue them.

In case you lost sleep wondering what PKP (Pierre Karl Peladeau), erstwhile leader of the parti quebecois was doing, you can rest easy. He went back to his job as CEO of his father’s company Quebecor. He lives the adage thank G-d his father was born before him.

Donald Trump held the mother-of-all news conferences today. Here’s a headline for those media dudes who can’t stomach him and are still trying to undermine his administration: Trump won the election despite their trying to subvert him with every grenade known to man. He’s going to win this fight as well. The media should stick to reporting stories and getting background information on said stories.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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