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The Never-Ending Bromance


Barack Hussein Obama thinks himself a highly entitled individual. Coupled with his infatuation with Justin Trudeau, he very proudly and very publicly endorsed Justin in our election.

One thing we can say with certainty. If a Canadian ex-Prime Minister meddled in the US election, he would be hung out to dry on social media. What’s Obama’s business to endorse anyone? We’ll tell you. Our election is none of his business.

Make no mistake, Justin knew this was coming as he was told. When was the question.

Our question is this: Is Justin so desperate that he needs the endorsement of Obama? He can’t do this on his own? Clearly not. The bromance continues.

Last week in Montreal, a world-wide group called extinction rebellion had some of their people climb a bridge and hold commuters hostage while they ‘made their point’, whatever that is. In other cities, they sit in the middle of the street, stopping all traffic. Well Blanche, they met their match today in London.

One guy belonging to this group jumped on the top of a subway train in a huge and very busy station in London. The commuters would have none of his antics and proceeded to throw things at those on top of the train, eventually hauling them down into a very angry crowd. Another dude tried the same thing, was again hauled down by those in the station and barely escaped with his life.

It’s about time the public stood up to these people whose sole occupation is to make other people’s lives miserable while waiting for the world to end in 12 years. We are guessing they will think twice before trying anything in London again. As well, one would hope that people in other cities learn from London and take on extinction rebellion at their own game. 1-0 for the peeps.

Something else to ponder regarding Obama’s endorsement of Justin. Why hasn’t he endorsed Joe Biden? After all, Biden was Obama’s Vice President for 8 years. Just saying.

Next week is a very special anniversary. It will be a year that Elizabeth Warren posted on Facebook that she is 1,0024th Cherokee. Of course she deleted the post pretty quickly, but many people took screen shots of it and no doubt it will appear on many social media feeds next week.

What you see on the form is that beside race she wrote American Indian. Not true.

She’s definitely trying to pretend that none of this ever happened. Unfortunately for her, she spent about 40 years saying she was a Cherokee, only to walk it back when she decided to run for president. Our prediction: It will haunt her throughout her try for the nomination.

It appears that Boris Johnson has made a deal regarding Brexit and the country won’t have to leave the EU cold turkey. Hold on. It still needs to be ratified.

Here are the highlights:

…EU leaders rubber-stamped the deal tonight – as all eyes turned to the House of Commons ahead of Saturday’s crunch vote. …The pound soared against the dollar after the news that a deal has been agreed MPs voted in the Commons to hold a historic Saturday session – the first since the Falklands war …Tories urged MPs to get behind the Prime Minister and vote for the deal as Westminster gears up for a fourth Commons showdown

Given all of the above, the odds are not stacked in Johnson’s favour. He will need 320 votes in the U.K. Parliament for the Brexit deal to be approved.

Even if all Conservative Party MPs back the deal, Johnson will need help as math has him needing 61 votes from a possible 85 and that will be a tall task as he is still seeing resistance from Northern Ireland’s party, the one that holds what many consider 10 critical votes.

If they don’t pass this deal, chaos would be the operative word. It appears that if a deal is not ratified, Johnson will let Great Britain hard-leave the EU on October 31 and that would send the country into pandemonium.

The rain and high winds we got today in Montreal were in New York yesterday. Can we talk? No one lost their power there. It rained, it was windy, it stopped raining, the wind stopped, the storm was over and everyone turned still had power. In la belle province, over 100,000 people lost power as soon as the storm started.

What did they do here when putting up those power lines? Have a Labatt before climbing the poles? Use inferior wires? Attach them with tape? Quebec sais faire.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

BCC – Blanche’s Curtain Call: Blanche is a creature of habit. We have been going to the same nail bar for about 8 years. Punkt, one of the nail peeps quit and took many of the clients with her. Those clients were our friends. In case you’ve never been to a nail bar, here’s the picture: we sit in a row and talk while our nails are being done and then being dried by a fan. We solve the world’s problems, share recipes, talk about the weather, the best sales, where to get boots, the newest books etc. You get the picture.

In a first-world problem, we now have to find a new nail bar. While it’s far from earth shattering, we kind of liked our little place as it was quiet and intimate. Oh well.

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