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Crack open the champagne. Quebec has finally lifted all covid restrictions. What, you ask? There were still covid restrictions? Indeed there were. The gong show here is the gift that just keeps on giving.

The obligatory wearing of masks throughout health centres was lifted in April. Oh really? We have had occasion to visit health centers well after April and you better put on a mask or else.

Let's put it this way. You can't get a covid test anywhere unless you hoarded those little kits. So if you have covid nobody knows. Just stay home until you're better. How simple is that?

Oh and one more thing. It was called covid 19 because it started in 2019. As far as we know, we are in 2023. Ya think it's time to lift the restrictions? Blanche, do you think the restriction lifter was on strike with the cemetery workers?

While Vancouver port strike went on and on, Justin ran around the world like the emperor with no clothes. Now he's running around the country campaigning for the next election seeking out his adoring fans, which are fewer and far between. In fact, he was booed at an event in Halifax two days ago.

Regarding the Vancouver port strike, we are in the 'capable' hands of both the federal Minister of Labour Seamus O’Regan and Transport Minister Omar Alghabra who has dropped and fumbled more balls than we can count. They are now considering all options to bring the strike to a close. Really?

What is the cost of this strike? $10 billion with backlogs that could take months to clear.

A report in 2023 from the World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence found the Port of Vancouver second from the bottom in an international ranking of efficiency with ships occasionally waiting weeks to be offloaded. Goes together with our defense which is basically null and void.

Justin's amateur hour has caused the world to view Canada as both inept and unstable when it comes to anything more than buying new socks.

This strike should have been ended by legislation weeks ago. The fact that the two genius ministers are only now considering their options shows what a bumbling, inefficient government Justin is running.

It's really too bad that the czar legault has zero opposition. Did anyone see a picture of Mount Royal cemetery? It is absolutely disgusting and will take months to clean it up.

All the while, hundreds and hundreds of people are still on ice waiting to be buried and families are waiting for closure.

czar legault should be ashamed of himself that he allowed this strike to go on as long as it did. You can be very sure if he had someone who had died and couldn't bury them, he would have hauled both sides in to figure out a solution.

Alas, he's untouchable and unaccountable for anything. And even worse than that, there's no one else even remotely around to run against him.

The USA is in very, very deep dog doodoo and as such, so are we all as the world is a very small place. As in the song, It's a Small World After All.

Both the democrats and republicans are going after each other's leaders and neither of them are worth anything.

Given that, it is becoming increasingly clear that 99% of the mainstream news media is simply an arm of the democratic party. Case in point a morning show we watch called Morning Joe.

This morning they focused 110% on Trump with not even a word about Biden and what is going on in his son's life. Are you kidding? Do they think that if they don't talk about it doesn't exist? All this does is give them almost zero credibility.

If you think for half a second Hunter Biden didn't use his father as leverage to get whatever he wanted, think again. He's a sleazebag with an insatiable appetite for, shall we say, the lower things in life.

There was a committee oversight event yesterday where whistleblowers came forward, and graphic porn pictures were brought out. Is that how low we are now going? What does that prove? That Hunter Biden paid for whatever he wanted to with his father's influence? Everybody knows he did.

Here's one more ditty: Going after Trump again with yet another indictment is bordering on the absurd. Unless they have concrete, irrefutable proof of what they are now charging him with, all that will happen is he will keep raising millions of dollars.

As we said at the beginning of this piece. The USA is in deep dog doodoo.

This next piece comes to you from someone who has no mirror.

Pierre Poilievre thinks that people didn't vote for him because of his nerdy looks.

As such, he took off his glasses, put in lenses, took off the white shirt and tie and put on a t-shirt. And that peeps is going to make you vote for him. Not.

Now he looks like he's going to a comedy club rather than looking like a stuffed banker. How about just a plain old white shirt and jacket?

He didn't need to lose the glasses and tie. He needs to lose the arrogance, the holier-than-thou tone. Be a bit more humble. Don't talk to people like they are idiots.

Justin is no better. Same arrogance, same holier-than-thou attitude. Also dislikable. Ergo, no one to vote for and we are all political orphans.

Some of our readers were not happy we went after Anthony Fauci. Sorry peeps, he was the one who knew the US was giving money to that Wuhan lab and as such was protecting his own reputation.

If you think we are wrong, read this next part:

The Biden administration has formally ended funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chinese research institute at the center of the COVID lab leak theory.

The administration claims the institute does not comply with federal regulations. (they just figured this out?)

The Department of Health and Human Services informed the Wuhan Institute this week that the U.S. is cutting off funding — potentially permanently.

Fauci should have come clean right from the get-go instead of hiding the fact that the US was giving money to that lab. Did he not think people wouldn't find out? Yet another gong show.

That lab - located in a city deep in China if you get the drift - left a trail of negligence, as well as numerous questions - particularly just how dangerous the research being conducted at WIV was and its relation to the COVID pandemic.

The reality is that we’ll likely never know what lab was doing with COVID viruses just before the pandemic hit — though thoughtful observers can probably take a guess. We're sure that Fauci knows and that's why he makes us cringe.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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