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The Trump-CNN Duel Tonight at 9:00 pm

The BDS movement’s raison d’être is maligning and spewing hatred against Jews. Airbnb is busy telling people they won’t rent out homes in the ‘occupied’ West Bank in Israel. The UN’s main focus is to take Israel off the map.

In the past two days there have been two incredible articles in the paper, both of which should make Jews feel proud and make others sit up and take notice.

The first focused on a man, who, for the past thirty years has remained anonymous while donating 1800 bicycles yearly to underprivileged children in Montreal. He insisted on anonymity until his passing, which took place last week. His name was Avrum Morrow, of blessed memory and his family has already said they will continue their father’s generosity.

The second article focused on a women’s shelter in Montreal called Auberge Shalom. It was created in 1984 when Donna Kertzer Rose, of blessed memory was murdered in our first encounter with such violence to someone we knew. In fact, we remember that horrific murder which took place while the late Donna was in a beauty salon when her husband came in and shot her in the head.

Auberge Shalom caters to women and children of any denomination and has remained in a secret location all these years. What sets apart this shelter is that it has remained true to its roots – serving only kosher food and, every Friday night, having a Shabbat dinner – for Jews and non-Jews.

Those espousing the hatred of the BDS movement do absolutely nothing to better society except cause strife and create animosity between people. Airbnb is a corporation who has no business making political decisions. And the UN? It is nothing but an organisation that sucks money and pockets it, all the while pretending to help the downtrodden. We challenge these organizations to find us one institution in the Arab world who has bettered the world.

It will be the quiet Jews like the late Mr. Morrow and under the radar institutions like Auberge Shalom that will endure. The BDS movement will come and go like the cockroaches they are. The UN is slowly becoming exposed for the liars they are and Airbnb will get their just desserts one day.

Everyone knows the Democrats have very big problems with the new socialist wing of their party. The ground-zero person of that wing is none other than Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

She’s young, relatively good-looking, makes Bernie Sanders look like an uber-conservative and knows absolutely nothing about anything. We are not talking politics here. We are talking general knowledge. We are talking that she cannot hold a conversation about anything. She is d.u.m.b. It now appears that we are not the only ones who know this.

On Monday, multiple left-wing publications fact-checked her and criticized her defense of the numerous falsehoods she has told. She exploded, saying – ready – people were too focused on being “factually” accurate, and not focused enough on being morally right.

Whoopi Goldberg, who is left of left of left, told Cortez to “sit still for a minute and learn the job .. .before you start pooping on people and what they’ve done…

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer who run the Democratic Party are going to be spending a lot of time trying to get Cortez and her friends under control. It will, in the long run, sap much of the energy of their party.

Anyone living in Montreal knows that we have had a spat of freezing rain in the past few weeks. This winter the temperatures are unusually mild and instead of snow, we have been getting ice pellets. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this. Just go outside and try walking on the sidewalks.

Everyone – young and old alike, are doing the shuffle – not quite picking up your feet to walk, rather sliding one in front of the other to avoid falling on the icy sidewalks. The best thing to do is walk on the street, but in Montreal that’s almost as dangerous as walking on the ice.

Now we have our genius mayor, Valerie Plante, who wants to know why the sidewalks are not salted. Good morning your honour. This question has been asked for generations. She must think herself to be highly intelligent.

Montreal has eight ice-crushing machines, purchased last winter at a cost of $20,000 each. Where have they been this winter? In the garage. Philippe Sabourin, the city’s point man on all things relating to snow and ice, says there hasn’t been an instance so far this season where the ice has been more than an inch thick on the sidewalks.

While he may be correct that an inch of ice is nasty, here’s a headline: So is half an inch of ice. We think he must have been speaking from his house in Florida. Either that or he has not left his house since the end of December. The people who run Montreal are either all on the take or are completely and totally incompetent or…both.

President Donald Trump is speaking tonight at 9:00 pm on all networks. CNN has decided that they are going to fact-check every word he says.

Last we looked, CNN is a news station, ergo Cable News Network. When Hillary was running they were, in fact, the Clinton News Network. Now that she’s gone, they have anointed themselves the country’s saviour.

While the wall is a very contentious topic, there is not a doubt that the US has to do much more to stop the illegal immigration flowing into their country and by extension, because of our genius Prime Minister warmly welcoming illegals here with open arms, so do we.

In case you were away in the past couple of weeks, we will tell you that in California a policeman was shot at point blank range, leaving a widow and five-month-old son. He was killed by someone in the US illegally. It was not this man’s first offence. Seven of his family and friends, also in the US illegally, were trying to help him escape. All were caught.

We will also remind you of Kathryn Steinle who was walking with her father on the pier in San Francisco when she was randomly shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and returned each time.

While the wall may not solve all the problems, at least Trump means business and is really going to try to do something to stop these people from coming into the country. Obama ‘promised’ the same thing, but, as he did for everything else, never followed through. He said the right words in the right tone of voice, rubbed shoulders with the right people and did zip for eight years.

Justin Trudeau should take note of what Trump is doing. If not, we will be the recipients of many of those people.

We’ll talk…

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