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For those living in Quebec, if you think for half a minute that the Liberal party has your back, or for that matter, ever had your back, you are living in an altered reality.

This time it’s  David Birnbaum, Hélène David and their  leader Dominique Anglade who threw English quebecers under the bus. This ‘esteemed’  trio couldn’t find their way out of a closet with the light on, that’s how out of touch they are with reality.

In February, it was Hélène David, the Liberal Party language critic, who insisted to the ruling CAQ party that anglophone students be required to take  and pass three core courses in French in order to graduate from CEGEP. Never mind they are in an English school. Who cares about that?

David Birnbaum, the genius MNA for our riding of Mount Royal,  managed to add salt to the wound by supporting her motion. Seriously, ya can’t make this up even if you tried.  Now they are asking the CAQ government to walk this back.

Birnbaum saw the error of his ways – read he got smashed by the media and his voters – and is now voting against Bill 96. Big whoop. And Hélène David basically quit, not running in the next election.

We will spare you a history lesson. Suffice it  to say the liberal party of Quebec now and in the past were never, ever going to save, or help the Anglos here. Nor will another weak English party about to be formed. That is a total waste of everybody’s time.

It will be wealthy French Canadians who understand that Montreal is where the money – their money – comes from to support the rest of Quebec that will save the province.  It will be when said rich and powerful French Canadians decide that the time has come to make Montreal a city-state, independent of the rest of Quebec that we will be saved from ourselves.

Voting for a new English party is ridiculous. You may as well spoil your ballot or not vote at all.

It’s about time to let the farmers feed off Ottawa and let Montreal become the true cosmopolitan city it should be.

Quebec is now really distinct, along with PEI. Both provinces have kept their mask mandates until the end of April. All other provinces and almost every state have dropped that mandate. We would say that the variant knows which province to really attack but that is ridiculous. 

Here, the real reason is that nothing was done to upgrade our hospitals. Well, one thing was done. The health minister announced that all hospital emergency rooms must model themselves after the Jewish General Hospital. Good morning America.

In April 2020, the then CAQ’s health minister – Danielle McCann, knew well before it appeared in the paper about the killing of seniors in the Heron senior home. Not, as she and her cohorts said that they only found out about it when it was in the papers. They are covering up that they not only knew tens of seniors died under her watch, but they were directly responsible for those deaths. They are lying. Here’s a sad headline: emperor legault’s ‘base’ in rural quebec could give a rats about what happened to the residents in the Heron home. They don’t care that the emperor sent people who tested positive for covid there to ‘recover’, when all they did was infect the entire population. As long as the emperor throws his base a bone – read money – a few months before the election, they will vote for him.

The Hunter Biden story belongs in the we-hate-Trump-so-much-we-will-do-anything department to make sure Trump is not elected.

A computer repair shop owner in Wilmington, Delaware by the name of John Paul Mac Isaac said Hunter Biden left a damaged Apple computer at his shop in April 2019 and was asked to recover any data. At some point, Isaac decided to examine the material.  The result of what he  found is that Hunter Biden is now under federal investigation over his tax affairs and overseas business dealings. The hard drive also contained salacious (ya gotta love that word) photos and videos of Biden.

In the left wing’s salivation over getting Joe Biden elected, they tried to cover-up and dismiss what Joe Biden knew his son Hunter had done.

During the 2020 presidential election, Twitter suspended the New York Post after they were the first to report on Hunter’s emails which were on the computer. Prominent news outlets, including the Washington Post, either downplayed the news or accused it of being Russian disinformation. In the end, it is all true. All of it.

The question now becomes who trusts the news media outlets like CNN. Just because you don’t want something to be true doesn’t mean it isn’t. Hiding the facts, pretending that they were Russian disinformation is lying. Saying that Trump made all of it up is American misinformation.

All the leftist newspapers and news stations now have to eat their words because the US Justice Department has confirmed its reality, and they don’t want to look ridiculous if federal charges are lobbed in the probe of Hunter Biden’s finances.

It appears that believe half of what you see and nothing of what you read is true.

This next piece in no way diminishes the atrocities done in the Ukraine. What it does, is illustrate that after all is said and done, Russians and sadly (when Ukraine was part of Russia) Ukrainians have not changed one iota over the past few hundred years.

Jews suffered vicious pogroms at the hands of Russians. What you are seeing on TV and social media is not new. For some reason – known only to G-d Himself,  these people  have no conscious and  less  humanity than the animal kingdom. They are barbarians.

When the pogroms happened to the Jews, the world didn’t see what they had done, which is what you are seeing now in cities all over the Ukraine. We are not going to list the atrocities, but know they are repeating themselves. Suffice it to say that if the world remains silent again, this will add to the atrocities.

Prince Andrew needs some help in how to choose his friends. Jeffrey Epstein was a massive disaster. Now it turns out that he’s also friends with Tarek Kaituni, a convicted smuggler and all-around slimy dude. If that were not enough, Kaituni introduced Andrew to an alleged fraudster by the name of Selman Turk.

Wait – remind us again who Prince Andrew’s parents were? Oh right. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. And where did he grow up? Oh right. Buckingham palace. But we digress.

Since being introduced to Turk less than three years ago, Mr Turk is alleged to have made payments totaling £1.1m to Andrew, of £250,000 to Sarah and £25,000 to Princess Eugenie. Like they need the money, which they don’t. So what’s the deal here? Money laundering? Just saying.

Prince Andrew is already persona-non-grata. If these allegations prove to be true, he’s going to have to move to Iceland or Bora Bora or some other remote place. He won’t even be invited to Royal Ascot, one of Britain’s most well-known racecourses which the Queen has attended every June, for decades. Phil must be rolling in his grave.

We may be one of the very few who likes to watch golf. This Sunday is the Masters – the mother-of-all-tournaments and guess who might be playing? Tiger Woods. In one moment, this tournament will bring millions back to see if Woods can come back yet again from a catastrophic injury. He also knows how to keep people in suspense, saying that he will wait until the game on Sunday to make a decision. Nothing like a little suspense to keep the ratings up.

“It’s Now Or Never”: The Next Three Years Are Crucial To Preventing The Worst Impacts Of Climate Change. “We are on a fast track to climate disaster,” United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said. What are one of his suggestions: Take one less airplane trip during the year. Oh really? How about talking to the ‘leaders’ of the world who all fly to every general meeting alone in their private planes? They don’t cause climate change? Oh yes. And eat less meat. You know, cow ’emissions’.

Here’s a headline: The UN is by far the most useless, waste of money on the planet. Way worse than climate change. Thelma do you know what the main direction of the UN is? Here ya go: The U.N.’s main purpose is to maintain international peace and security.

So why does Russia, who invaded the Ukraine now and seizure of Crimea and its occupation of Donbas in 2014 still sit on the security council?

Nothing, not a word that comes out of that place should be taken seriously. Time to turn that building into low-cost housing.

We’ll talk…

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