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Time to Hug Your Pets – Elizabeth Warren.

If anyone still has any illusions left that the premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, wants his own little fiefdom, i.e. country within a country, the past two days may move your opinion.

Saturday night, in the middle of the night, his government passed Bill 40. What’s that you ask? It is a bill to force cities and towns to give up land – for free – to the government to build schools.

Included in Bill 40 was abolishing 60 francophone and nine anglophone school boards. Just before the bill was to be passed, the education minister tabled a surprise last-minute amendment to the bill moving up the date commissioners will be extinct. Hundreds will be fired almost immediately.

And if all this were not enough, this is what was tabled by the Parti Quebecois yesterday, with Francois Legault on board:

Employers should have to justify why speaking a language other than French is necessary to work a job, the Parti Quebecois suggested on Wednesday in a proposed law.

Their proposed law would modify the charter of the French language. Were it to pass, businesses would have to show that speaking a language other than French was crucial to a job.

Lest you think Francois Legault is anything but a hardcore separatist, you are dead wrong.

Yesterday we had occasion to overhear the conversation of someone leaving for a cruise on Sunday. Can we talk here? Who, in their right mind, would go on a ship with between two and six thousand people now? It is a floating Petri dish. There are simply not enough Lysol wipes to clean every surface. Plus the coronavirus is airborne. Someone sneezes on you and poof! you’re sick.

It can only be that this woman has not heard about the quarantined ships nor the ship that is floating around the world – although we just heard they docked in Cambodi). By the way has been renamed COVID-19.

In the it’s-time-he-disappeared department, Colin Kaepernick – the anthem kneeler – announced plans for an upcoming memoir and a publishing company focused on black and brown writers and authors. White people don’t write? Seriously. Ya think he needs money? For sure he’s bored. What a loser.

He’s still hoping that a football team will call him for next fall. Dream on buddy.

Blanche, how sweet it is that Elizabeth Warren is basically out of the democratic presidential nomination race.

She is, as one author put it, in full mourning mode, telling her supporters to go hug their dogs and cats. She also dropped all her promises of free tuition, free housing, free transportion, free medicare and is now saying that people are being mean to each other.

Of all the people we hope disappear never to be heard from again, she is at the top of the list. Feh. Feh. Fake. Fake.

As protests against a natural gas pipeline through the interior of British Columbia continued across the country two Indian chiefs who oppose the project crossing their territory moved to get the federal courts to put an end to construction. Marc Garneau said that transportation is a provincial matter, so the blocking of railways all over Canada is the problem of each province. He’s wrong. Transportation is a federal matter. And does Mr. Garneau think that each province should negotiate in ten different board rooms? How is that going to solve anything? It appears that no one in Ottawa can think anything through.

His boss, your air-head prime minister is busy chasing despots all over Africa to get a seat on the security council and doesn’t give a rats what’s happening here. Who cares if people and products can’t get across the country? We’ll have a seat on the security council. And so?

Trudeau is so busy with himself that he forgot he’s supposed to be running a country. He has been telling all the parties involved to ‘dialogue with each other.’ There are simply no words to describe how big this guy’s ego must be.

We seriously hope the Conservative party finds a strong leader with more than a watermelon seed for a brain.

Hope Hicks was Donald Trump’s longest serving and most trusted advisor, leaving him in 2018. Well, she’s coming back as a senior adviser reporting to Jared Kushner. Her official title will be counselor to the president. Guess she missed the Donald.

We read this and it’s kind of incomprehensible. Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame, paid $165 million, to purchase a 9.4-acre quintessential old Hollywood estate mogul David Geffen, who paid $47.5 million in 1990.

In case you were wondering, the sale comes with a 13,500 foot mansion.

As a public service, we’re going to teach you a new word: cisgender which is someone who identifies with their birth sex.

There are three transgender girls in a high school in Connecticut that want run in a race. The parents of cisgender girls are suing the school saying that they should not be allowed to run as while they may now identify as girls, they were born boys and have a physical advantage.

The world is insane.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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