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Calm down. Seriously.  This too shall pass. Not what we wanted, especially if we are vaccinated and had covid, but after all is said and done, never forget on thing: We don’t run the world. G-d does. Aside from covid fascists whose entire lives have become the virus and are now tsk, tsk, tsking, nobody is happy going backwards in terms of what we can and cannot do. One difference this time is that people who are triple or double vaccinated are going about their lives, despite the doom and gloom of the government edicts. People are having dinners at their home, traveling – and not just to remote locations – and basically living their lives.

If anyone has been following what is happening in South Africa, ground zero of omicron, you will note that the crisis lasted about two weeks. Yes, it was hot and heavy but it’s over. We have to hope that Quebec’s medical system is better than South Africa’s, although no one really knows for sure, and this will be over very soon.

Papa Legault is again asking for the Canadian army to come and help him, this time with vaccinations. We could say a lot about this, mostly that it’s ok for him to crap all over Canada until he needs their help, but we won’t. Oh wait. We did.

As we have said many times, for the past fifty years Quebec governments have been decimating the medical system here in various ways. Now we are paying the piper. Not enough staff anywhere to deal with what is happening.

Not enough people to give out vaccines. Not enough nurses to man hospital beds. Not enough staff to deal with regular hospitalizations. Not enough cleaners. Not enough doctors. Who wants to come here and deal with the idiotic never-ending sissy fear that Quebec will lose their french language. What a crock of bs.

There are no atheists in a foxhole. Now change that to there are no french-Canadians in a foxhole. Doesn’t matter what language you speak right now. Everybody needs the healthcare system – with a hijab or without. With a kippah or without. Whether you are pure-laine or not. Whether you speak joyal french or not.

And so, Papa Legault is full of it. Up to his eyeballs. It’s fine to try to get rid of English in Quebec until he needs doctors, nurses and other support staff in the medical system.

Here’s a suggestion for Papa Legault: Instead of adding losers to  the office de la langue francais, get rid of it and  take all that money and resources and bureaucrats and put everything into the health care system. Then take Bill 21 and Bill 96 and put them where the sun don’t shine.

Guess who PETA is going after? None other than President Joe Biden. Seems his previous dog, Major kept biting people, despite endless training. So they sent him to live with friends in a ‘calmer’ environment and just got a new german shepherd named Commander.

Peta is ticked off saying he should have taken a homeless puppy. Can we talk?

Major was a rescue dog and that didn’t work out very well. Biting people when your owner is the president of the United States is not going to go over very well. Dog lovers may not like this, but it’s none of peta’s business where people get their dogs. They should stick to jumping on oil tankers.

Israel is now mandating people get a fourth shot. Sorry peeps. We’re done with that. And if it means not going to Israel, so be it.

As things stand now, there is no end to how many shots we will be obliged to get. Unless something changes drastically, there will be a another wave, then another and another. And each time we are expected to get another shot? Not happening.

We are hearing rumors that Papa Legault is going to hit Quebec, including his base, with a curfew tomorrow. Here’s the scoop: Nobody is going to listen. That horse left the barn a long time ago.

This is not March 2020. This is December 2021. People have had covid, have been triple vaccinated, have done enough curfews, isolated, missed family cycle events, were not allowed to be with their elderly parents in those hell-hole senior homes as they died and are done with his “I’m here to save you” bs. He’s not saving anyone but his own political career.

And if his base follows his edicts, they are even stupider than we ever dreamed.

Blanche, it’s not nice to gloat but it really feels good. San Francisco was the epicenter of black lives matter. They were the epicenter of defund the police. And now their city is crime-ridden. Excellent work liberal save-the-whales-turtles-oceans-trees bleeding heart Bernie Sanders/AOC democrats.

The mayor of San Francisco finally admitted that her city is in a crisis and has declared a state of emergency in an effort to bring down overdose deaths and violent crime in one of the city’s poorest and most drug-infested neighborhoods.

It appears that lenient sentences and sending social workers instead of police didn’t work. Oh really?

Mayor London Breed (yes, that’s her name) did 180 U-turn on the ‘defund the police’ strategy as she called for ‘more aggressive policing’ to replace ‘bulls**t progressive policies’ and said she would ask for more money to be given to the police to stamp out drug dealing, car break-ins and theft. Good morning America.

We’ll talk…

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