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Today is 9/11

No, we did not forget when sending out Blanche last night that today is 9/11. We intentionally left it out to send something this morning.

Mercifully, we have never experienced war in our lifetime. Thank G-d. There were a few milestones that stand out: the Cuban missile crisis, the assassination of President Kennedy, here in Quebec the massive unity rally in 1995 and the murders of Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg and other Holy Jews in Mumbai. None of these events however changed our lives. We remember them but keep on going.

Fourteen years ago on a beautiful Tuesday morning who can ever forget watching the mind-numbing and horrific scenes playing out on CNN.

Watching people jump from their office windows 100 stories above the street to escape the searing heat from the conflagration that had engulfed both towers of the World Trade Center.

Hearing ‘let’s roll’ from the cell phone of a young man by the name of Todd Beamer on flight 93 as he and fellow passengers tried to save the lives of everyone on board that plane.

Watching a plane hitting a part of the Pentagon. The democratic world came to a standstill.

9/11 is not a footnote in history. It changed our lives and the world forever. We continue to live with the repercussions daily, with the Syrian ‘refugee’ issue the latest crises to hit the world.

At 8:45 am today, take a moment to remember the over 3,000 souls who perished that day. Tell your children about it. If we don’t remember our history we are doomed to repeat it.

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