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On January 29, Justin Trudeau held a press conference and finally revealed how he was going to deal with people who insist on traveling. Alas, it won’t be until February 15 at the earliest that these sanctions will come into effect.

Justin was getting intense pressure to make a statement about travelers, who, it seems are bringing back the Covid variant. As usual, while he did make his statement, his government was not in the least bit ready to implement anything.

It appears they are almost there, but again, confusion reigns:

…Canada-bound passengers must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test before boarding their flight. Some people went to places, like Cuba, where there are no tests or very few so this was not helping.

…most air passengers entering Canada will be required to take another COVID test upon arrival and wait for the results — up to three days — in a designated hotel near the airport where they landed.

…Passengers who test negative can leave and finish the rest of their 14-day quarantine at home. Those with positive test results will be required to stay at a designated government facility.

Now here’s where the confusion starts:

…Passengers will be billed for their hotel stay, and Ottawa has suggested the cost could be about $2,000. It’s unclear if two people sharing a room would have to pay double that amount. What about a family of 5 or 6? Will they all have to stay in one room or will they be forced to take 2 rooms at $4,000 per day?

…And where did they come up with $2000 per day? No answer from the government.

What about snowbirds who were already vaccinated? So far they also have to quarantine.

Biden is starting to go back to the we-don’t-like-Israel Obama days via his Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkin – a Jew whose grandfather was a Holocaust survivor. Yesterday, Blinkin said that while the Golan Heights “is very important to Israel’s security,” the Biden administration considered the issue a “legal question” that was not currently on their agenda.

What business is the Golan Heights to Biden? None – other than Trump recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights which was captured from Syria in 1967. What is Biden going to do? Unravel everything Trump did? That’s his mandate?

Netanyahu stopped Blinken dead in his tracks, saying the following: “Israel’s position is clear. In any future possible scenario the Golan will remain Israeli.” Case closed. Good for him.

Air Canada just announced that it will be cutting an additional 1,500 jobs and suspending more international flights.

You can directly thank Justin for this as almost no Canadians have been vaccinated and the majority won’t be for a long time – until September at best. The vaccines help protect everyone from Covid and its variants. No doubt next up will be the government announcing they are bailing out Air Canada with OPM – other people’s money – which of course is ours.

Just in… starting next week, anyone arriving in Canada by land will also need to show a recent negative COVID-19 test. The new measure will kick in Feb. 15. Feel trapped?

Trump’s second impeachment trial started today. Here are a few things you need to know: …Trump faces one charge: incitement of insurrection over the Jan 6 Capitol siege.

…There will be no witnesses but there will be graphic videos with new evidence.

…Trump’s lawyers are going to suggest that Trump was merely exercising his First Amendment rights when he encouraged his supporters to protest at the Capitol.

…They will also say that as Trump is no longer in office, the Senate is not entitled to try him.

Take Note: The trial was originally supposed to break on Friday for Shabbos as one of Trump’s lawyers is an Orthodox Jew. However, yesterday he withdrew his request and the trial will continue on Saturday. It seems that Schoen will still keep Shabbos but the rest of the defense team will be able to fill in for him.

Trudeau is the master spin doctor but he certainly didn’t fool us.  When asked about the EU holding back vaccines for their own people and that Canada in fact will be left holding the bag and we will be getting drips of vaccines over the next few months he responded: The pandemic is global and will only end when everyone – globally – is vaccinated. No kidding.

The real answer here is that until we are vaccinated in Canada our restaurants and other businesses will remain closed. It is our economy that will suffer. Not the EU. We need those vaccines to open up society here. That’s the answer.

By the way, Trudeau now said tens of millions of vaccines will be here by the end of spring which in our life is June 21. What happened to the 6 million doses coming at the end of March?

And finally Canada has agreed with Pfizer that we are getting 6 doses per vial not 5 that Health Canada said they were getting. Of course we need special small needles for the 6th dose and we need tens of millions of them. Were they ordered? Who knows?

We’ll talk…

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