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Trudeau’s Money Tree…Paid by You

The one word we think best describes the current situation in Quebec is confusion. Are stores opening? Are stores not opening? Lego stops testing in the most infected part of the city, then reinstates it a few hours later. School is opening. School is not opening. We’re testing. We’re not testing.

Lego, in his daily news conference a couple of weeks ago announced he had asked Ottawa to send in the army to help with senior homes. Turns out he sent an email two hours before the conference so he really didn’t ask.

Lego wants a distinct society here in Quebec? He got it. We are in the top tier on the distinction list as the 5th worst city in the world in terms of how many people died from Covid. And guess what? He can’t hide, he can’t lie, he can’t pretend this is not true. Numbers are what they are. He dropped the ball.

Can you imagine that in Quebec we are still short 11,000 people to help in senior homes? And as of this moment they are still not properly testing caregivers going into those places. Imagine being in one of those infection traps? Or worse, having someone we care about in there? Lego is allowing people to send in their own caregivers now. While that is a good thing, who in their right mind would go knowing they probably have a 90% chance of contracting the virus?

Quebec may have a very nice joie de vivre – a love of life – but so far all the governments we have had in the past 50 years have been riddled with corruption,  unable to govern and for sure unable to handle a crisis, which we are now in.

Here’s a sobering headline: It’s every man for himself. Don’t rely on your government because much of what they are telling you is air. Justin Trudeau sounds more like a head camp counsellor than Prime Minister. Daily he stands at his podium and does two things: He gives out presents – aka money from a money tree somewhere and tells people to be nice to each other.

Today he told people to write to someone elderly. Now he woke up? Nine weeks later? Can someone please ‘splain to Blanche why he stands at his podium day after day, as we watch his hair grow longer and longer. For some people that’s a very sexy look. And for many, that’s why they voted for him. As he keeps repeating the same thing day after day, he  can simply put out a press release and we’re done.

Are we the only ones who think he’s buying the next election?

Here are some sobering things to ponder: Canada is still vying for that ridiculous, non-voting seat on the Security council. As such, he will do nothing to tick off the Chinese. In fact, Canada is partnering with them to try to find a vaccine. Seriously?

We will jog your memory in case you have forgotten that it was the Chinese are responsible for  spreading this deadly throughout the world at breakneck speed because they never told anyone about it until it was too late.

Blanche, is Canada partnering with, oh, say Israel to help find a vaccine? One of the few places in the world with a) a very intelligent population, b) an honest country and c) one of the most medically advanced people in the world.

Does Trudeau know anytime there is a catastrophe in the world Israeli’s are called first because they have the most advanced medical equipment? We’re guessing he doesn’t want to know because Israel can’t get him that seat in the corrupt UN.

When Trudeau calls a snap election, remind yourself that he’s not only giving you presents. He’s also creating a country grovelling to the most dishonest, corrupt countries in the world.

Last week we told you that Carnival Cruises announced they were going to be back in business in August. Get this one: bookings shot up by 600%, a 200% increase over the same time period last year.

People said, they were not a bit concerned about traveling at this time because…ready for this one: They said they were healthy and looking forward to having fun after being in lockdown for months.

We’re guessing these same people do not know that there are still thousands of crews on ships all over the world still stuck in ports because no country will allow them in?

Blanche, don’t you wonder what kind of people value having fun over a life threatening virus? You can be certain that if, G-d forbid, there is an outbreak on one of the ships those people will be clamouring for their government to spend whatever it takes to rescue them.

Our suggestion: They sign a waiver that if they get the virus while on the ship they are on their own.

Since very recently we really liked Harry and Meghan. We  think that Harry’s upbringing, especially after he lost his mother at eleven years old, was in great measure responsible for who he married.

Given that, this couple is beginning to sound like they don’t live the real world. They chose to leave the ‘firm’ – which includes  losing all the perks that come with said firm.

Now they are on their own and can’t seem to find privacy. Were they that naive that they thought they could leave the bubble they were living in and keep the same privacy?

They are temporarily living in an $18 million mansion until they can find a suitable home. Harry comes from this kind of money, but Meghan? Nope, but she sure got used to that lifestyle very quickly.

Now they are freaking out because California reopened hiking trails around their house and people can see them so they are now adding many cameras and privacy fences.

Can someone please tell this lovely couple that if they really want privacy, they will have to move to an island somewhere in the South Pacific where no one knows nor cares who they are?  Los Angeles will never be a place of privacy.

You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Unless of course you are the Queen’s grandson, in which case you may have a better chance, but in the end, may not be completely successful.

We’ll talk…

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