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Mercifully, someone with a brain and who we know likes animals, trees, bicycles and the environment but is not willing to sell his mother pretending that will ‘better the world’ has emerged to run in the CDN-NDG riding in Montreal. We speak of the kippah-wearing Lionel Perez.

He’s a seasoned politician, can run rings around Ms. Montgomery in speaking like a normal person, has no anger-management issues and doesn’t have disdain for those who choose to follow their religion. We will remind our readers that Ms. Montgomery told us, in a tone dripping with sarcasm,  that our children ‘certainly procreate’ when we told her how many grandchildren we have who reside in her riding.

We wish Mr. Perez the best of luck in his quest to put some real leadership back into this riding.

We reached out to Anthony Housefather, our Liberal MP and asked when, if we are vaccinated and travel, will quarantining end. One thing we must say, he responds immediately to any correspondence sent his way.

His response was, and we quote: likely will be when we reach herd immunity or close to it which should happen by August.

Mercifully, it appears the border to the US will open for Canadians by the end of June so part one of this saga may be over. But the quarantine issue is a symptom of the much bigger issue on the table.

Today, Rex Murphy nailed it in the National Post. What is the lockdown exit plan?

Right now there is a deafening silence from Ottawa. Our guess is because they don’t have a plan, a target or any idea what to do. One thing they do know is that they very much like the emergency measures act. Where’s the emergency now? Why is that still in place both nationally and provincially? Our country needs a leader and right now we don’t have one.

If wait long enough, you get to see everything. At long last, Democrats are calling out their own. We are referring to the open, blatant and vicious anti-Semitic statements made by those who deem themselves better than ‘those Jews’.

We are referring to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. All of these women decided that Israel is the ‘aggressor’, forcing the arabs to live in an ‘apartheid’ state.

Tlaib is the one and only palestinian among this illustrious group. She is the one who claims the loudest that Israel is an apartheid state with racist policies. Tlaib doesn’t want a two-state solution. She wants Israel and Israelis dead and in the ocean. In other words, Israel should become another arab country.

We saw clearly how when given land, for example, Gush Kativ which was flourishing when given away by Sharon, that her ‘brothers and sisters’ completely and utterly destroyed the place. There is not even a hint of a doubt that they would do the same with Israel, G-d forbid.

Then there’s a democrat by the name of Marjorie Taylor Greene who compared facemasks and other COVID-19 public health measures to ‘what happened in Nazi Germany’ during the Holocaust.  This woman is completely unhinged.

It’s about time that whatever normal Democrats are left distanced themselves from their bigoted and clearly off the wall members.

Most of us don’t watch what goes on in parliament on a daily basis. We happened to see such a spectacle today as it appeared on our twitter feed. If you think for one millisecond that Trudeau, his health minister Patty Hadju, the chief public health officer of Canada Theresa Tam have a clue what they are doing, you are very sadly mistaken.

The company that the government hired to do the covid test results of people quarantining in hotels and at home were supposed to get results to people after 4 days. The company could not fulfill this mandate so instead of changing the company, the government change the law so people would only get their test results on day 8.

Why didn’t Hadju change the company which was clearly unable to do with work?

Her response would have made you dizzy and she said absolutely nothing, evading the question.

Then Michel Rempel Garner asked the following question: What science did the minister use to change the testing day from day 8 to day 10? Hadju’s non-answer was literally dizzying, said in a do-you-know-who-I-am tone.

Here’s a headline for Trudeau, Housefather and all the other liberals out there: We’re done. Cooked. We will no longer accept your drivel. Either get your act together or end the quarantine, emergency measures act and mask-wearing after 2 vaccines. You have had more than enough time to get this right and you are still unable to do so.

No doubt Valerie Plante is seriously campaigning to keep her job. She woke up yesterday and said how important the Chinese community and Chinatown is to Montreal and that her administration is determined to preserve their heritage.

Can we talk? Where has she been that last few years? This is not a rocket science decision. Chinatown has been deteriorating for years and where was she? Busy shutting down Montreal’s main shopping street downtown, making it one, skinny lane. Chinatown was not a word in her vocabulary at best, not a thought in her mind at least.

Now that she needs votes hello! ich bin du – I’m here. She’s as transparent as saran wrap.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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